MEANt to move grants


Movemeant Foundation awards movement-based grants to a variety of young female athletes,  from economically disadvantaged communities to up-and-coming all-stars who require additional resources for mental, physical and emotional coaching.  The goal of the grant is to fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.

Financial grants are awarded to

  • Girls nationwide between the ages of 8 - 16, paying particular attention to those in underserved communities who have limited access to health, fitness and sports programming

  • Each grant awarded is designed to support sports and other physical activity programs that are either new to the recipient or expand on her existing participation in the sport

  • Grants may be used for sports instruction, athletic equipment, athletic apparel and coaching/mentorship and it may only be used for girls' sports/physical activity programs

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Now accepting applications for Summer 2019 Applications Due April 15th

grant application process

  • Submit Application by April 15th

  • Submit Supporting Documents by April 15th

  • Finalists will be notified no later than April 30th

  • Finalists invited to interview with Movemeant Team

  • Grant Committee selection of grant winners

  • Grantees announced/ funds distributed no later than June 30th

Committed to awarding $100,000 in grants

In 2019, Movemeant Foundation’s Meant to Move Grant Program will award 100 deserving girls with a grant of $1,000 to help them reach their full potential through their participation in sport and fitness.

two grant periods per year


Application Period: March 15th - April 15th

Finalists Announced: no later than April 30th

Nominees Announced / Grant Distribution: no later than June 30th


Application Period: August 15th - September 15th

Finalists Announced: no later than September 30th

Nominees Announced / Grant Distribution: no later than November 30th