tell us a little bit about yourself

(Because it's our job to get to know you better.)


As an attendee of our upcoming 'Dare To Bare NYC', it's important for us to connect with our community. Doing so gives us the tools and information we need to create the most positive and the most poignant event experience for you. 

Please consider taking just a few minutes and sharing more about yourself so we can create an event you'll remember for a lifetime.

I would best describe myself using the following adjectives (select up to three):
When it comes to motivation, this statement is most like me:
I feel best about my body and appearance when:
I run/dance/spin/move/work out because:
I workout this many times per week:
I am most interested in attending 'Dare To Bare NYC' because: *
What's your preferred way to get you (more) engaged with our Movemeant/Dare To Bare community?