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Getting to know you! *
Getting to know you!
Let us know all about your likes and dislikes so we can make our We Dare to Bare events even better!
I have a better understanding of Movemeant's cause since attending the event.
We Dare to Bare was a positive experience and I would definitely attend again.
My primary motivation for attending the event is so I can support Movemeant's programs for adolescent girls.
My primary motivation for attending the event is for the experience and self-empowerment aspect.
The $50 ticket price is fair for the value of the event
I am intimidated by fundraising and don't want to do it.
I am passionate about the cause and plan to fundraise for the next year to support.
I would recommend We Dare to Bare to a friend.
I needed more time to fundraise.
Ie. social media assets, video assets, email templates, etc.
[Looking Ahead] What type of sponsors would you like to see at our next set of events? Specific name brands encouraged in comments section below. *
Music festival? Studio crawl? Bring it to your office? Smaller, more frequent classes?