Kendyl klein

Pro Board 2019 | Social Media Manager

Sr. Analyst, Strategy

About Kendyl

LA-Native and Claremont McKenna College grad. Recently moved to NYC by way of Chicago. I work in digital strategy and audience development, with an emphasis on YouTube. I wrote my senior thesis in college on social media's impact on body image, and it is my mission to help young girls understand, love, and appreciate their bodies. I am extremely passionate about live music, traveling, and fitness--I'm a Core Power addict, extremely proud of my Spotify playlists, and try to leave the country once a year (but have failed the past few). 

Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

My older sister, Kevyn. Everything she wants to do, she does. From boxing in Thailand, to being an all American swimmer in college, to planning her own wedding, to building the North American team for her China-based company, she kills it. My sister always puts family first, and is the most thoughtful, caring friend anyone could have. She knows when to be a leader, she knows when to step back. She accepts and loves her flaws. She has never let any hardship get her down. She is a badass.

What are you most proud of?

My dedication to involving myself with people and organizations that fight for what I am most passionate about -- educating women about their bodies, empowering them with knowledge, and joining together to remind each other that we are so much more than one dimensional.