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Our charity fitness event series, We Dare to Bare, is a celebration of bodies of all shapes and sizes through sweat, community and courage. We turn this concrete jungle into a fitness playground where women come together to celebrate not just their grit, but their beauty with an exciting line-up of fitness classes.


Apply for a #ShePlaysWeWin Scholarship

Grants are awarded to fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.  We award a variety of young female athletes, from economically-disadvantaged communities to up-and-coming all-stars who require additional resources for mental, physical and emotional coaching.  



Movemeant is proud to be represented in Reebok’s #BEMOREHUMAN campaign. Our founder, Jenny Gaither and 9 other inspirational women represent strong females who uniquely transform the world around them. With the goal to empower and break down barriers, each woman is a role model and embodies all that Movemeant values: strength, confidence, leadership, fearlessness, passion and a drive for change.


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We address the critical needs of young women and girls by giving them the tools to live an active, healthy lifestyle.


Our Work in Public Schools.

Read more about the underserved middle school girls who need our help to gain access to health and fitness education.


Our Scholarships for Girls.

Help fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.


Your Impact.

See how your generous donations are directly impacting the lives of young women across the country.

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It is an honor and a privilege to be included in Reebok’s #BEMOREHUMAN campaign. Through this campaign, we are spreading a message that the physical and emotional inner-confidence that we gain from movement, sports, and the communities we build around fitness-related activities, is directly reflected in our everyday life, both personally and professionally.


“Beat The Heat” This Summer with SPLENDA® Naturals

With longer days and warmer nights, summer is a perfect time to wind down, relax and focus on you. But let’s be real, with brunches and BBQs around every corner, making wellness a priority can seem impossible. It’s hard to say no to the sweet treats and yes to yoga. But making healthy choices does not have to mean skipping out on the good times. Here are some tips for how you can stay healthy, have fun and “beat the heat” this summer. Read more here.

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What To Expect at 'We Dare to Bare' SF 2018 - This Saturday!

Not sure what to expect at 'We Dare To Bare NYC' this coming Saturday, May 12th? Well, here's a quick rundown of everything you might be wondering. All the sports bras! All the swag! All the healthy snacks! They're headed your way! Read more here.

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Movemeant Foundation Welcomes Our New Executive Director

Movemeant Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of Johanna Sylvestor as its next Executive Director. She joins the team with extensive experience in the non-profit space, and will be overlapping for several months with Founder Jenny Gaither and CEO/Founding Member Charina Lumley, who are both moving to Movemeant Foundation’s Board of Directors in June. The selection was made after an extensive national search and selection process.

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4 Easy Ways To Spring Up Your Morning Routine

Morning routines give us the chance to set the tone for our day, establish our priorities and center our focus on what’s most important. So, what should your morning routine look like? It depends, for some, an a.m. regimen might mean going on a run or doing yoga, while for others it’s having a cup of coffee and reading the morning news. Here are some of our fave ways to make sure we're not just waking up on the right side of the bed, but starting the whole morning right. Read here.

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"My Body May Not Be “Instagram Perfect"

Liz Colhoun has always been a "fierce and strong" woman but that doesn't mean she hasn't struggled with self-acceptance. After having two children, she found her self in a totally new mindset and new body. Read her story and learn all about her journey through body positivity and how she has taken on We Dare to Bare as a personal challenge.

Three Ways to Celebrate National Woman's Day

If you didn't know it, March 8 is THE global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the damn place. And while it's been observed since the 1900s, 2018 is the year that International Woman's Day is kicking a** and taking names. In honor of further advancing unity, advocacy and action for women, Movemeant Foundation is kicking off with several ways to celebrate thanks to our friends at Sweaty Betty and Feel Beauty, with limited edition t-shirts and vibrant lip balms. Read more here.

Feel Beauty x Movemeant: Limited Edition PURE Lip Balm Kit

We're proud to announce that in celebration of International Women's Day, Movemeant Foundation and Feel Beauty are teaming up to encourage women to feel confident in their own skin with a special collaboration of limited edition lip balms. The Limited Edition PURE Lip Balm Kit is complete with four full-coverage formulas (Cherry Red, Coral, Rose and Original) that soothe chapped lips while offering a subtle hint of color. The hydrating formula features natural, healthy ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, and mint oil. Get yours today!


Movemeant Foundation Rings Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange

In celebration and awareness of the 'Dare To Bare' Charity Fitness Festival returning to New York City on Sunday, October 1st, Movemeant Foundation had the honor of ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, August 23.  This venerable, longstanding tradition offered Movemeant the opportunity to generate awareness for health, fitness and empowerment programs for women and girls across the country.

Watch it here.

QALO Joins Forces with Movemeant's She Plays We Win Scholarship Fund

QALO, the brand behind the most popular functional wedding ring, has announced the launch of its Mother Daughter Collection. As part of that, they've joined forces with Movemeant Foundation and #She Plays We Win Scholarship Fund. Through this, grants will be awarded to fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.  Read more...

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In Memoriam: Kelly Hurley, Beloved Friend and Movemeant Foundation Partner

On behalf of the team at Movemeant Foundation, it is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our Vice President, Kelly Hurley. She was 31 years old. Many of you knew Kelly as a vibrant and unique personality; a steadfast champion of social activism. This included everything from her work in women's self-acceptance and body-positivity at Movement Foundation, to sparking engaging political dialogue on women's rights, LGBTQ, and more.   Continue reading...

Movemeant Foundation Premieres "Revolution" - A New Video For Body Positivity

Launching its latest movement, Movemeant Foundation is premiering “Revolution,” a new short video that challenges the status quo and encourages women to be radically honest about their bodies by embracing their #BellyJelly. The video is part of the Movemeant Foundation’s effort to bring high impact, body-positivity curriculum to public schools throughout the country. 

Watch it here and take action today

Movemeant Foundation Rings Bell to Open New York Stock Exchange

In recognition of philanthropic female entrepreneurship, Movemeant Foundation was invited to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, August 29, 2016.  This time-honored provided the opportunity to raise awareness for preventative health, fitness and body image programs through this national platform.  

Watch it here.    See the full press release here

#ShePlaysWeWin - A Grant-Giving Collaboration with Photographer, Christin Rose

#ShePlaysWeWin is a dynamic, visual showcase of the positive power of sport and fitness on a young woman's self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.  Together, we're awarding scholarships to economically-disadvantaged communities with high incidences of health-risk behaviors. 

Learn More.  Apply Today!

#LoveMyShape - An Exciting Partnership with SHAPE

SHAPE—the leading women’s active lifestyle brand with an audience of more than 27 million—is embarking on a body confidence campaign devoted to encouraging women to embrace their unique physique, spread body positivity and change the body image conversation.   And Movemeant Foundation is joining them on this ground-breaking journey.  Read our story on

Our Body Positive 'Movemeant' Curriculum!

This is Aptos Middle School—an at-risk, Title I school where the need for fitness-based programs is critical for the emotional, social and physical development of their students. To address their need, we delivered a 24-week body positivity curriculum under the modality of hip hop dance. Watch what happened