The Movemeant Grant:

Funds from the Movemeant grant was used to lay the foundation for Funkanometry SF's new commitment to body positivity, both as an organization and a leader in the dance community.  Funds were utilized for a half-day training workshop for over 30 dance instructors who then put their newfound skills into practice as they began to teach dance to hundreds of young women (and young men) across the city.

Why is this grant important?

Through our Funksters youth training program, we strive to cultivate a diverse community of leaders dedicated to giving back and being role models in the dance community by being body positive. We want to teach youth and young adults dance history and foundation to give them the tools to create meaningful art for themselves, while building self-esteem and self-worth.

About Funkanometry SF:

Funkanometry SF Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit performing arts organized that has provided services for the Bay Area dance community for the past 13 years. The values of the organization - innovation, education, community, social impact and body positive - are what drives its professional and well-recognized programs.

Funkanonmetry SF aims to entertain, unite, and educate through it's love of dance, and continues to break boundaries in the urban dance community by being body positive and curating art that answers the question, "what do we want to say and why does it matter?"