Generation Confident


Because self-confidence takes continuous work and practice.

We facilitate a body-positive curriculum for middle school girls that fosters discoverability of the many ways our bodies can move and helps them to develop healthy, positive relationships with their bodies.

With a focus on the most formative years of a girl's life—middle school— our curriculum addresses the critical need for emotional, social and physical development for girls, with topics ranging from social media’s impact on beauty ideals to mindfulness, body diversity and genetics. Discussions occur in a casual environment, with an overlay of creative, contemporary physical programming, such as hip hop dance, cheer dance, yoga —even kickboxing.  

Through our 14-week program, we strive to enable girls to attain the knowledge and skills that will help them tap into their own inner strength and resilience. To feel confident in their bodies, despite social pressures or marked changes of puberty. To work towards creating a world where everyone can feel beautiful. To teach that having fun and pushing comfort zones are not mutually exclusive.


Our programs are facilitated by dedicated volunteers and teachers and school administrators who are passionate about empowering girls in their community. We call these heroes “Mentors.” Generation Confident is held in community centers and after school in middle-schools. Every program runs for 14 weeks and meets 2x a week for 60 minutes. 40 minutes is dedicated to discussion and activities with an addition 20 minutes dedicated towards physical activity that reinforces the specific module themes.

Discussion Topics

Movement as a Source of Strength

Body Diversity and Genetics

Growth and Change

Food as Fuel

Why We Eat

Body Awareness

Presence in Movement

Owning Our Identity and Strengths

True Beauty

Body Talk

Choosing Positive Role Models

Advertisement Images and Messages

Using Media Messages for Good


Strength in Discomfort


Body Myths

Communication in Conflict

What is Perfection?

Growth Mindset

The Power of “I”

Session Two Focus: The Power of “We”

Moving Forward

Graduation and Sharing

Our body-positive middle school curriculum is getting a makeover!   We are revising our curriculum and developing a turnkey delivery model that will provide schools with the tools and resources to facilitate our body-positive lessons and movement-based activities. This revision allows us to rapidly expand our middle school program into new schools across the country. In 2019, we aim to have our curriculum in 35 schools - tripling our impact! 



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Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, CA is a Title I school where the need for movement-based programs are critical for the emotional, mental and physical development of their students. To address their needs, Movemeant Foundation developed a 14-week movement and body positivity curriculum under the modality of hip hop dance.

a few of our Participating Public Schools