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Beautiful. No matter what they say.

'Dare To Bare' is a day to recognize beauty in all its different shapes and sizes. It’s a day to silence our critical voices through successes that are earned with each and every drop of sweat. Every ticket sold and each dollar raised funds life-changing health and fitness programs that transform the lives of women and girls. That means we create experiences where movement is the gateway to women and girls feeling powerful in the skin she’s in. 

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Shorty get low.

'Dare To Bare' is basically one gigantic dance party.  We're bringing you cool jams that'll make your temps soar (I mean, literally we're mixing hip hop classics with fresh EDM beats.)  And guess what, not one but two 305 FITNESS Classes are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Get down with us here.

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Who let the dogs out?

They've been all over the NYC fitness scene, and now at Dare To Bare, they'll be howling straight at you. DOGPOUND's signature workout is a high intensity full body session that combines the best elements of yoga, resistance training, boxing, ballet, cardiovascular endurance and core strength. Each exercise is designed to take you and your body beyond what you thought was possible. Don't miss it. 



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Sound of silence.*

Join Founder of THE DAILEY METHOD, Jill Dailey as she leads your strong, sculpted body through an evolving mix of ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening, all while specially-designed headphones eliminate outside distractions. In this unique class, we'll be streaming Jill's voice perfectly over a curated soundscape designed just for you.  *Sound Off™Experience



Silence the noise and grab hold of your inner peace—literally—when you join us at LYONS DEN POWER YOGA. You'll find out why silent yoga is all the rage when you adorn  our patented wireless headphones that promise to tune out ambient noise so you can sweeten your savasana.  AND BONUS! Get a FREE Sweaty Betty yoga mat by registering and participating in this class! (Available for the first 75 participants; first come, first served.)  *Sound Off™Experience

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Standing with an army.*

Want to know why silent parties have taken the nation by storm?  Look no further than AKIN'S ARMY at Dare To Bare, a one-of-a-kind bootcamp party that delivers a sound bath of adrenaline-pumping beats without the distraction of neighboring noises. Tune into a different way to workout and set your life on fire.  Sound Off™Experience

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Ride it with my surfboard.

Challenge yourself with aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building, balance and core training on top of a custom made, unstable surfboard. Instructors from SURFSET NYC. Space is extremely limited and spots sell out fast.

#SportsBraSquad x Sweaty Betty

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Thanks to our friends at Sweaty Betty, our squad will be looking fierce in our 'Dare To Bare' branded Sweaty Betty Infinity Workout Sports Bra (value of $65; limit one per paid, registered guest, even if registered for multiple classes) to wear to the event.

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We're all 😍  to the apparel that's coming from London's leading premium activewear brand, SWEATY BETTY. At the event, Sweaty Betty will be debuting their newest collection of super stylish, super functional workout apparel. Their bold and sassy print leggings are cool enough to put LMFAO's animal print pants back under control, so get ready to shop.


Hot sauce in my [gift] bag

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Okay, so maybe there won’t be hot sauce. But our gift bags are stuffed with great swag including the newest flavors from LUNA® Whole Nutrition Bars. They're crafted to help keep you nourished throughout your bootcamp and barre classes! Each bar is a delicious, gluten-free snack that’s perfect between meals. Hint: Peanut butter dark chocolate chunk is an office fave. You're welcome.

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Also, we want you to use that gift bag to collect tons of yummy snacks from some of our exciting partners including the German-style MISHA quark!  Not sure what quark is? Well, it's a magical thing that tastes like yogurt without the sour and cottage cheese without the salt. It's small-batch goodness crafted in upstate New York!

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Complement that with a super tasty coconut milk elixir infused with your favorite herbs like turmeric (peace out, inflammation!) or maca (hello all-natural energy!). Created by the folks at REBBL, these beverages will  go down the hatch faster than you can say Gwyneth Paltrow.

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When it's time to beat the heat, our friends at CHLOE'S FRUIT are offering creamy, clean, delicious frozen Soft Serve Fruit and Fruit Pops that are dairy free, fat free, gluten free, vegan, kosher parave, If you're asking us, this is pretty much the coolest way to eat fruit. (See what we did there?)


And when you're ready to juice it up,  NATALIE'S ORCHID ISLAND JUICE COMPANY is swinging on by with their women-owned and family-operated business that has been committed to producing only the highest quality, clean label juices for the past 28 years.  All of Natalie’s juices are squeezed fresh in small batches using hand-picked fruits and vegetables from Florida Farmers or American growers.

Also available for testing at our SoulCycle shoe distribution area is SKIN SLICK, a continuous spray skin lubricant. With a simple spray of SKIN SLICK, it puts an invisible layer on the skin which prevents the friction from starting, making it comfortable for people to stay active all day long! 

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drink it up

We're teaming up with CamelBak to make 'Dare To Bare' a green event (YAY, environment!). That means no plastic water bottles will be sold or distributed on site.  But CamelBak is building a hydration station with your name written all over it, so you can get into a flow with the H2O.  Bring any reusable water bottles or purchase* super-cool, custom-designed CamelBak water bottles on-site!  *Proceeds benefit Movemeant Foundation


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There's nothing more empowering than a good ol' sweat sesh. And there's nothing worse than a soaked shirt. At 'Dare To Bare NYC', you can pick up a new tank or tee and sport the cause with Movemeant's 'Empowher' line of lifestyle apparel, new for Fall 2017.  Here's just a few selections below!