We're excited to announce one of our most ambitious grant-giving programs yet: an exciting collaboration with photographer/Instagram star, Christin Rose.

20160407_SheplayswewinFP 6.jpg

Christin is celebrated for her inspiring portraits of young female athletes via her #ShePlaysWeWin photo project and together, we share a passion in encouraging confidence in girls through sports.

That's why we're teaming up to award $20,000 in financial grants to up to 20 girls of economically-disadvantaged communities and with high incidences of health-risk behaviors. These grants will fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self- confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life.

One look at her photos and you'll see that Christin’s #ShePlaysWeWin collection is a striking celebration of how movement—anything from skateboarding to basketball to race car driving—can fundamentally shift how girls see themselves and each other.  

They may be bruised, but certainly not broken. Their beads of sweat make them strong. Through this campaign we want to uncover, help and document the powerful journey of girls as they take charge of their bodies through sports, sometimes for the very first time.

Grant recipients of the #ShePlaysWeWin project will each receive $1,000 in financial assistance to pursue sports and fitness, from coaching to equipment to apparel. For some, it may also include an up-close-and-personal photo shoot by Christin Rose and the opportunity for those photographs to be shared through a multitude of distribution channels with the goal of inspiring other young girls into action.