Back in February of 2014, I was swinging my daughter around by her arms. All of a sudden, I felt a pain that brought me down to my knees. At first, I didn't think that it was a big deal but then progressively, my body started feeling numb. Every time I moved my neck up or down, it felt like an electric shock going down my spine and to my arms. 

I went to the emergency room and found that my 4/5 disc was completely out and rubbing against my spine causing severe nerve damage. They gave me a cane to walk with and two hand braces, and asked me to try to move my body but the pain was paralyzing.

Recovery was long. But I knew that I was in need of a healthy environment to work in.  I knew that I needed to be motivated to be a healthier individual.  Then I discovered SoulCycle as the perfect place to work and started there last August.  My first ride was exceptional.  I was inspired.  And my life has been different ever since.  

Now, with my ride at Dare to Bare fast approaching, I am both nervous and excited, but ultimately grateful.  Through the community that I formed while moving on that bike, I began eating better and ultimately regained a very important love for myself.

Dare to Bare means so much to me, not only because I have more confidence in myself, but because their are so many other women just like me who have lost their confidence.  They are looking for people to influence them to find a new level of self-assureness.  

After all that's happened, it's hard to believe that I'll be participating in such an inspiring event, and I'm daring myself to bare it not just for myself, but for my girls and all the girls across the country that need help.