Movemeant is building an extensive platform that: 

  • Curates advice and guidance for the health and well-being of young women 

  • Offers positive and relatable role models 

  • Provides grants to individuals, groups, schools and communities that encourage fitness and physical movement 

  • Produces events and activations that offer large-scale awareness for the positive body image movement

Events and Programs

In 2015, Movemeant will be hosting a series of events and activations including Dare to Bare, a program for which we encourage women to participate in physical activities in their sports bras as a way to empower one another to feel comfortable with their bodies. People of all shapes and sizes are invited to overcome their insecurities in a welcoming environment.  


Through our mentorship program, we aim to provide young women with relatable, positive role models.  Our team will hand-select approachable, yet inspiring women who have gone through their own metamorphosis of awkward to awesome and will provide success stories that are focused on how fitness and physical movement can bring forth acceptance, strength and happiness. 


Movemeant offers financial grants to individuals, groups, schools and communities nationwide. For individuals and groups, we’ll give you the means and know-how to overcome your fears, then team you up with girls like you and offer you the tools and resources to do it together. For schools and communities, we’ll provide new facilities, gear, support, and more.