We Dare to Bare is the primary fundraising event for Movemeant Foundation’s impact programs. The event series gives women the opportunity to reclaim their own confidence while fundraising to give young girls the chance to do the same.


we Dare to Bare is a national movement that asks women and girls an important Question:


What if we DARE to overcome the insecurities we have about our bodies? What if we instead chose to BARE our vulnerabilities in an effort to conquer them? Could we reveal the most powerful version of ourselves?  

Celebrate you

We believe that all bodies are beautiful.

That is why we created We Dare to Bare as a way to celebrate all that our bodies are and all that they are capable of. In a time where calorie counting, misleading media and diet culture is at an all time high, we are taking a stand and reclaiming movement.

Movement is a way to appreciate and respect your body. We celebrate movement as a gateway to feeling powerful and confident!

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Own your body.

Leave your insecurities behind and take ownership of the new confident, radiant you.
During this day of sweat and support, participants are encouraged to wear our token of confidence - the We Dare to Bare sports bra - so they can celebrate their body exactly as it is and learn to love it unconditionally.

Build Community

Be supported and support others.

We Dare to Bare is a safe place where you will be surrounded by endless support and meet a community of passionate people who are denouncing their own insecurities. By supporting one another and embodying our message of self-love, we can collectively change the conversation around women’s appearances for weight loss and typical beauty ideals to that of acceptance, empowerment and positivity.

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Support our next generation of female leaders.

We are in a pivotal time and need to prioritize the development of young girls so they can grow up to be strong, confident leaders. Your attendance and fundraising efforts support Movemeant Foundation’s impact programs which provide thousands of girls with the tools, education and community to build and sustain a healthy, body-positive lifestyle so they can pursue their dreams and lead a successful and fulfilling future.

Where will we see you this year?





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