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Become a We Dare to Bare Ambassador.

We are selecting a handful of enthusiastic leaders to help us with on-the-ground outreach efforts for We Dare to Bare San Francisco. Ambassadors will be trained by a Movemeant Team member and provided with resources before working independently and with other Movemeant Ambassadors. Ambassadors contribute directly to increasing Movemeant’s reach and are amplifiers for our mission, taking a proud stand for those suffering from body image issues, physical inactivity and the emotional and psychological consequences of an unrealistic standard of beauty.

The Who.

Enthusiastic, community-minded individuals whom are passionate about creating awareness for body-positivity, healthy eating and the benefits of an active lifestyle.  You are a go-getters who is not afraid to walk into a business with flyers and find excitement in sharing information about We Dare to Bare and Movemeant’s mission with new people.

The Expectations.

  • Attend the Ambassador Meet & Greet on Thursday, April 4th at 6pm in the Marina District, San Francisco.

  • Distribute 100 postcards and 25 posters to Bay Area on-brand businesses, studios and centers.

  • Track and report canvassing history, locations and materials distributed to Movemeant Team.

  • Follow @movemeant and engage in Social Media.

    • Share a minimum of 1 @movemeant post per week leading up to We Dare to Bare SF.

    • Actively comment and like @movemeant posts


Every WDTB Ambassador will receive a unique promo code and discount to utilize in their marketing efforts. Ambassadors will receive the following perks:

  • 3 unique code uses = 1 We Dare to Bare Fitness Festival Ticket

  • 10 unique code uses = A limited-edition Movemeant hoodie

  • Top Ambassador: most unique code uses over 20+ = Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack


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