With over 8 years of experience teaching Group Fitness, Melissa Boyd founded SALT SF after following her passion for helping people build their strongest, healthiest bodies without unnecessary restrictions or negative self-talk. Melissa is best known for her high energy, musically driven interval training methods and is constantly studying to evolve her programming and bringing her community and training staff the absolute best workouts designed to reach their goals. Melissa is the creator of BarreFight, 7x7 strength and conditioning, The Resistance and co-founder of The Glute Camp, a female-focused strength training community. She is a NASM CPT, FMS level 1, PN level 1 with additional focused studies in pre-natal/post-partum training, mobility and rehabilitation, and sports conditioning. If she's not teaching class at SALT, Melissa is usually found on Ocean Beach with her two dogs or embarking on a new fitness adventure in the Bay.