Fundraising Tiers


Fundraising Tiers

Fundraising Tier Descriptions

For the first year ever, every attendee will be given the opportunity to fundraise for Movemeant’s impact programs. This means you will have the power to directly impact hundreds of girls lives. To support you in your fundraising efforts, you will be given a unique fundraising page that you can customize and share with the help of  Movemeant’s extensive resources and incredible team of support. All ticket options will set you up with a personal, customizable fundraising page. Even though everyone will be given the opportunity to raise money for Movemeant's impact programs, only VIP and SoulCycle classes have a required fundraising minimum. 




The VIP ticket has a $100 registration fee with a $2,000 fundraising minimum. VIP registrants will have access to attend the full lineup of We Dare to Bare classes and work with our in-house concierge team to build their ideal fitness schedule for the day. Because of this white glove service, there is no need to select your classes at the time of registration, our team will be in touch shortly after you complete your registration.

Your VIP ticket also includes a signature We Dare to Bare sports bra, a pair of leggings, access to our VIP wellness lounge, a healthy lunch, and an exclusive VIP gift bag that will include everything you will need for your sweat-tastic day and beyond. You will also enjoy a variety of free class passes to We Dare to Bare partner studios including two passes to Barry’s Bootcamp, one pass to Salt SF and more.

SoulCycle Classes



Every general admission class has a $50 registration fee per class plus a flat fundraising minimum. If you register for a SoulCycle class (or any bundle that includes a SoulCycle class) your fundraising minimum will be $350. This minimum will not raise with the addition of more classes.

Festival Classes



Festival Classes refer to any non-SoulCycle class.

All Festival Classes (excluding the two free class offerings) have a $50 registration fee. While there is no fundraising minimum, we encourage all participants to try their hand at fundraising. If every festival class participants raised $100, you could collectively raise an additional $50,000! Those additional funds could help support 50 girls to stay in sports and achieve their dreams or teach 300 girls about body-positivity through our middle school program.

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and do not count towards the fundraising minimum. Time slots cannot be altered once registered. If you do not hit your fundraising minimum, you will be required to pay the difference at registration.


How Ticketing Works

How Ticketing Works

How Ticketing Works

All paid ticket options can be found on the same registration site. Tickets are sold in class bundles. We like to consider them our very own bundles of joy. Choose the class bundle option that best suits the quantity and type of classes you would like to take. Once you have selected your registration option and clicked “Complete Transaction” you will be taken to a form where you can indicate which class you are registering for. If the class you want is not appearing, go back to the registration options and make sure you have selected the correct class bundle option. If you have confirmed you have the correct bundle, the class may be sold out. To confirm, please contact us at WDTB@movemeant.org

Examples of ticket bundles:

Example #1

You would like to register for SoulCycle at 10:30am and Pilates Bootcamp at 11:30am. This is one SoulCycle class and one Festival class so you should select the option named “One SoulCycle Class + One Festival Class Bundle.” Two class registrations (at $50/each) means you will have a $100 registration fee and because this bundle includes a SoulCycle class, your total fundraising minimum will be $350

Example #2

You would like to register for TRX at 10:45, Barry’s Bootcamp at 11:30 and Barre Fight at 1:30pm. OoOoOoh! You are going to be sore on Sunday! These classes are all festival classes so you should select the “Three Festival Classes Bundle.” With three classes (at $50/each) your registration fee will be $150 and you will be given the opportunity to fundraise beyond that with your own personal fundraising page. 

If you still have questions, please contact us at WDTB@movemeant.org and we will gladly advise you on the best package to suit your perfect schedule.

Once you have registered, you will automatically receive an email prompting you to set up your personal fundraising page. This page is uniquely yours so feel free to customize it as you see fit! A Movemeant team member will reach out to you within 48 hours to confirm you were able to set up your page and have access to our fundraising resources!

All paid registrants will receive a signature We Dare to Bare sports bra and a complimentary gift bag complete with snacks, goodies, and class passes including 1 free pass to Barry’s Bootcamp! Sports bras are one per person, regardless of how many classes you are registered for. Sizing and availability of sports bras is limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and do not count towards the fundraising minimum. Time slots cannot be altered once registered.


Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Led by the most popular instructors and fitness studios in the Bay Area, our We Dare to Bare festival workouts push your physical, mental and emotional boundaries, so you can reveal the most powerful you. Select a class bundle with one, two or even three (gulp) of our featured workouts. There are multiple classes offered at once from FOUR different stages: Silent Disco Stage, Main Stage, SoulCycle Stage and the TRX stage.


Class Descriptions



A workshop for girls and he adults they look up to, inspired by Movmeant’s curriculum

10:30 am | Main Stage | [FREE]

Moving toward our vision of creating a world where all women can feel confident, beautiful and strong, this workshop will inspire conversation that challenges typical beauty ideals, embraces self-love, celebrates movement and strengthens communication across generations. 

Discussion prompts and activities aim to show participants that we all have common experiences and to encourage openness and risk-taking in two-way conversations between girls and the adults in their lives.




10:30 am with Jenny, Kamelle & Lauren M [SOLD OUT]

12:15 am with Molli, Paula & Ginny

1:45 am with Casey, Catherine & Lindy

This 45-minute indoor cycling class is being taken outdoors and is unlike anything you have ever experienced. This workout features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, rhythm-based choreography and will leave you feeling powerful, confident and part of a community. SoulCycle at We Dare to Bare is so much more than just a workout — it’s a powerful mind-body experience.


MTC-Logo-TRANSPARENT - Carmen Morgan.png


10:30am | Silent Disco Stage

A resistance bands only workout focusing on the lower body. Don’t let this simplistic piece of equipment fool you, you’ll find you have to use extra focus to keep that form perfect as you squat & kick along to the tempo of some fun beats. The intensity of banded booty work makes you forget where you are, what you look like, & who’s around, focusing you instead on powering through that burn. All participants receive a complimentary set of resistance bands!




10:45 am | Miguel Vargas

12:00 pm | Shauna Harrison 

1:15 pm | Miguel Vargas

In our 45 minute TRX classes you’ll use your body weight, gravity and TRX Training equipment to push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge and plank your way to a better you. Expect to move, sweat, shuffle, and above all, have a kick ass workout experience. Some classes challenge you with a single piece of training equipment, some use a broad mix of training tools, but they all deliver incredible results.


bb_BayArea_FBprofilepic_534px-1 (2) (1) copy (1) - Kaleigh Shafer.jpg

Barry’s Bootcamp

Main Stage

11:30 am | Gabby, Rachael, Emma, Jessica, Vanessa

1:00 pm | Shauna, Trish, Erin & Samantha Sanchez

Barry’s is the original high-intensity work out. In 45 minutes, you will tone muscle and increase your metabolism, so you actually burn calories even after class is over. The instructors push you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing. The positive and energetic instructors, music, and community is the full-package of #fitspo you've been looking for.



Pilates Bootcamp with Elaine Hayes, Founder of MNTSTUDIO

11:30 am | Silent Disco Stage

MNT’s Pilates Bootcamp combines the sculpting and toning benefits of Pilates with the heart-pumping effects of HIIT for a high energy, joyful, and sweaty workout that will leave you feeling invigorated and worked, head to toe. Working in circuits, we'll offer you many opportunities to advance or modify, so no matter your fitness level, this class is for you.


Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 2.56.46 PM.png

Notorious FIT with Jenny Gaither

12:20 pm | Main Stage | [Free]

Notorious FIT is a high-energy, cardio hip hop dance class designed to help non-dancers go from self-conscious to self-confident. Because every body can dance. Even you!

To a blend of old and new hip hop music, we build stamina and strength through heart-pumping dance moves in order to gain inner-confidence. This class will make you SWEAT. On top of the cardio dance party, we tone and sculpt the body while releasing stress and tension. Who thought working out could be this fun?!



Soul Flow Yoga with Julianne Aiello, Founder of Outdoor Yoga SF

Julieanne Aiello's all-level, 45 minute yoga class is the perfect way to ground and connect on a Saturday morning. On the mat Julieanne will push you to lead your life from your strengths, while navigating you through the unknowns and challenging poses with grace and fearlessness. We will provide you with a mat and silent disco headphones from which her instruction and music will be streamed through.


logo2 - Abby Anderson.jpeg

Barre Fight with Melissa boyd, Founder of Salt SF

1:30 pm | Silent Disco Stage

A 45 minute full-body class using dynamic flexibility training to develop strong ,mobile joints, high intensity interval kickboxing drills for caloric burn, and isometric strength movements at the ballet barre to build lean muscle in strategic places.


FINAL Curie-logo_Black - Sarah Moret.png


2:00 pm | Main Stage

This class is open to all attendees. Led by Injury Prevention Specialist and Movement Expert, Liz Letchford, This mobility-focused cool-down will bring awareness to your entire body while addressing specific postural concerns. You will leave relaxed and rejuvenated with better posture, less pain, and a greater overall awareness of your body to help you move better, no matter what moves you.

*Schedule subject to change.