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Introducing a new kind of Sports bra

One that supports you in ways you never dreamed a sports bra could.

Movemeant Foundation proudly welcomes Underalls to the We Dare to Bare family as an exclusive apparel sponsor for our 2019 San Francisco event.

You may recognize Underalls from its 1976 debut as the active, stylish women’s pantyhose line that had panties build right in—revolutionary for its time and still revolutionary today.

Building on their heritage of producing high quality products , Underalls is now back to offer super comfortable, eco-friendly sports bras and leggings to outfit today’s real-world active women.

Applying their foundational concept to modern designs, Underalls’ fashion tops come with an innovative hidden support system, built from layers of power mesh and comfort lining to provide you with optional security and sweat and odor protection so you can stay comfortable and supported all day long. They didn’t stop there though!

Underalls’ Newbie style leggings feature a built-in antibacterial bikini front cut from their premium organic cotton and secured with their own innovative welding technique, with elastic bonded edges for a stitch-less, barely-there finish. No undies needed and no underwear lines… EVER! 

Now you don’t have to wait to join in on the Underalls revolution because you will be receiving an exclusive We Dare to Bare signature and sports bra (and pants if you are VIP) from Underalls with your San Francisco 2019 event registration! Get excited to feel supported and embrace your most confident shirt-less self.