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“Yesterday I had the best time with my #girlsquad at the dare to bare event! There's nothing more powerful than seeing a group of women in their sports bras empowering each other and killing some workouts!”

- @carowikstrom

Sarah Polli

“Attending We Dare to Bare was so moving! I've spent that past 2.5 years working on my true self through a therapist, trainer and finding ways various methods of self-care. Body confidence wasn't something that always easy for me. Yes I have been a “small” or “skinny” girl my whole life but it doesn’t mean I loved my body/curves/dimples. In part of learning about me, I wanted to be my best fit self & feel confident/attractive in my own skin. To tone up those outer thighs I’ve loathed forever. I didn’t always run in a sports bra. I was too nervous at first. I eventually just did it bc it gets freakin’ hot running outside in the summer. But that didn’t mean I felt confident doing it. I can say right here right now I love my body and finally feel confident in it. It took a lot of work, discipline, tears & counting to get here. But I did it! And I proudly rock my sports bra - running along the river or in Central Park or spinning in Union Sq. Heck, I even want to flaunt it sometimes.”

- Sarah Polli

Blair Bamrick

“The opening segment Jenny lead made me smile the entire time. Standing in line, watching others strut their stuff and waiting for my turn was the highlight of my day. Each twirl, hair flip, booty shake, laugh that each of us added in felt like a little ounce of our own confidence we were sharing with the rest of the crew. Seeing people let loose, not feel judged and be truly happy is such a raw and beautiful sight. I hope everyone feels as confident at some or all points in their life as I did walking across the floor.”

- Blair Bamrick