“Attending We Dare to Bare was so moving! I've spent that past 2.5 years working on my true self through a therapist, trainer and finding ways various methods of self-care. Body confidence wasn't something that always easy for me. Yes I have been a “small” or “skinny” girl my whole life but it doesn’t mean I loved my body/curves/dimples. In part of learning about me, I wanted to be my best fit self & feel confident/attractive in my own skin. To tone up those outer thighs I’ve loathed forever. I didn’t always run in a sports bra. I was too nervous at first. I eventually just did it bc it gets freakin’ hot running outside in the summer. But that didn’t mean I felt confident doing it. I can say right here right now I love my body and finally feel confident in it. It took a lot of work, discipline, tears & counting to get here. But I did it! And I proudly rock my sports bra - running along the river or in Central Park or spinning in Union Sq. Heck, I even want to flaunt it sometimes.”

- Sarah Polli