Movemeant Foundation awards movement-based scholarships to a variety of young female athletes,  from economically disadvantaged communities to up-and-coming all-stars who require additional resources for mental, physical and emotional coaching.  The goal of the grant is to fuel the positive power of sport and fitness on a young women’s self-confidence and its lasting effects throughout her life. In 2019, Movemeant Foundation will gift a total of $100,000 in movement-based scholarships to girls all across the world.

two grant periods per year:

Summer (Accepting applications March 15th - April 15th)

Winter (Accepting applications August 15th - September 15th)

Financial grants are awarded to:

  • Girls nationwide between the ages of 8 - 16, paying particular attention to those in underserved communities who have limited access to health, fitness and sports programming

  • Each grant awarded is designed to support sports and other physical activity programs that are either new to the recipient or expand on her existing participation in the sport

  • Grants may be used for sports instruction, athletic equipment, athletic apparel and coaching/mentorship and it may only be used for girls' sports/physical activity programs

We are not accepting new applications at this time.

The application period for Summer 2019 will open on March 15th. If you have any questions, please contact

We collaborate with photographer, Christin Rose, to help us uncover, support and document the powerful journey of girls as they take charge of their bodies through sport and fitness, sometimes for the very first time.

About Photographer Christin Rose

Christin Rose is an LA based photographer with a playful and free spirited attitude. Her obsession for supporting women’s adventure and athletics drive her work. She’s inspired by her home-state of Oregon, care-free kids, fearless young women, creators, & traveling (especially by way of sailboat). When’s she’s not shooting for clients, she can be found working on her passion project #She Plays We Win.

The project aims to celebrate confidence and athletic passions among young girls now because that will have a direct correlation on their outcome as they grow up to be strong, independent women in this ever changing world. Her hope is to bring their stories to the forefront of media and get it in front as many little eyes as possible. By putting these stories out there, she believes that it can support and build confidence for young girls everywhere. For portfolio and more information on the #She Plays We Win project please visit