We facilitate smart, body-positive curriculum for middle school girls that fosters discoverability of the many ways our bodies can move.  

With a focus on the most formative years of a girl's life—middle school— our curriculum addresses the critical need for emotional, social and physical development for girls, with topics ranging from social media’s impact on beauty ideals to body diversity and genetics.

Discussions occur in a casual environment, with an overlay of creative, contemporary physical programming, such as hip hop dance, cheer dance, yoga, zumba—even kickboxing.  

Our curriculum results in greater self-confidence, the birth of teamwork and community, and a cultural shift of dialogue around beauty ideals.   


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Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, CA is a Title I school where the need for movement-based programs are critical for the emotional, mental and physical development of their students. To address their needs, Movemeant Foundation developed a 12-week movement and body positivity curriculum under the modality of hip hop dance.

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