Jenny Gaither

Jenny brings her dynamic Soul from Santa Cruz. Jenny studied dance and kinesiology and also received her pilates certification. Jenny’s passion for helping people through fitness translates through her work as a co-founder of a 501(c)3 organization focused on promoting fitness as a platform for women to build confidence. Since 2011, Jenny has created and managed large-scale charity fitness events and after-school programs to provide women with tools and resources necessary to achieve and sustain a positive body image.




Melanie’s class is inspirational, empowering and intense! She plays a wide range of music - from alternative rock to dance remixes - and attaches meaning to each pedal stroke. Melanie began riding at SoulCycle in 2006 and in 2009, Melanie was the first rider to become an instructor. She is now a Master Instructor and member of the Training Team. Melanie is a cancer survivor and believes that each class can offer people tools to live life to its fullest.



Amanda brings her fashionable SOUL to Soulcycle. Although Amanda grew up playing sports, she never imagined a career in fitness. After working as a buyer and personal shopper in NYC, Amanda transformed from a SoulCycle rider to an instructor. A mother of two boys, Amanda always found clarity and strength on the SoulCycle bike. She aims to make her riders feel good from the inside out and wants them to feel powerful and happy about the work they are doing




Emily T brings her down to earth Soul all the way from the midwest. As a marathoner, yogi, and former professional dancer, Emily has a passion for movement and a zest for living life to the fullest. She has developed a unique mindset that inspires her riders to find themselves through movement, tap into new strength, and smile while doing it. Her class is athletic, graceful, and focused, while pushing you to let your inhibitions go and just dance! Emily believes if you "just be you" that’s always enough!



Having been to the rat race and back, Mo has found that her beat is best matched on a bike. Former power meetings now deliver inner power, and acquisitions are measured by the growth in each class, each ride. Always inspired by music and making every moment matter, you’ll lose yourself by rocking out and challenging yourself all the way to the finish line.



SUNNY Walters

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Sunny brings her strong and sassy SOUL to NYC. From her very first steps, Sunny has followed her passion for dance, sharing stages with Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. She wants people to have fun and have a good time, but be aware of the ride and the effect it is supposed to have on the body. Sunny believes it is great for people to come to SoulCycle and get amazing bodies but it’s more important for everyone to release all their emotions and stress as well.



Karyn brings her charismatic SOUL from a small town in North Carolina. A love of performing carried Karyn across the country to LA, but instead, she found her passion for teaching. After several years of instructing a variety of fitness classes (barre, yoga, and spin), Karyn discovered SoulCycle and moved to New York. Karyn's positive energy encourages her riders to let go and ride from within.



Olivia Ward

Olivia brings us her motivational Soul from Nashville. Her career began as a professional opera singer. While performing on the road, her weight rose to more than 265lbs. and she was invited to compete on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Olivia successfully lost 50% of her body weight — and was crowned winner of the show’s Season 11. After the show, Olivia moved to NYC and found her passion: SoulCycle. After only a few rides, she knew Soul would be the key to her new healthy lifestyle and a way she could pay it forward to others.




Ayana brings us her singing Soul all the way from Long Island, NY. In college, Ayana fell in love with group fitness: the music, energy, and sweat all giving way to that exhilarating feeling you get from finding your freedom. That feeling is why she devotes herself to her riders and why they find themselves coming back, needing an "Ayana Fix." When riding in Ayana's class you will have so much fun, you forget you are even working out. It's a soulful dance party every time.