Public Relations

Advocating for greater awareness of the positive body image movement is the cornerstone to the success of our organization.  We are looking for individual(s) who can enable us to:

  • Build relationships with traditional and digital media outlets, both small and large scale, across all disciplines (not just limited to health and fitness.)

  • Creation and distribution of media advisories and press releases.

  • Pitch our events and stories to media outlets obtaining much needed coverage to support our storytelling initiatives

  • Development of long-lead strategies for larger news outlets.

  • Track and log media hits and traction; work with Social Media committee members to social share media hits.

Research Assistant

Research is critical for helping us understand and develop relationships as well as host successful and profitable events in every market that we are currently in and growing into.  Are you a professional online stalker? Do your friends come to find the details on that mystery someone? This may be the opportunity for you. We are looking for a curious individual(s) who takes direction and turn it into ownership by diving in deep to locate trends, influencers, studios, partnership opportunities and resources and then making recommendations and locating contact information. This individual(s) will:

  • Provide trends and resources which speak to the culture, demographics, budgets, interests, and opportunities in our target markets.

  • Make recommendations and locate connections for potential partnerships (sponsor, sorority, studio, impact, school, influencer, etc.)

  • Identify possible conflicts in events, schedules or programs.

  • Research trends, best practices and opportunities from other non-profits.

Social Media

Social media is our main communication platform for our supporters. We are looking for someone who can help us strategically promote our events and communicate our impact to maximize online engagement. As we grow our events and programs into new markets, we need a strategic thinker who can do the research and help us tap into appropriate groups, community and leverage our influencers to grow our messaging and audience.

  • Support our social media manager with strategy development and research.

  • Improve and grow online relationships with continuous online engagement.

  • Assisting in setting scheduling and posting to various platforms

  • Creating shot lists and strategic plans for upcoming events.

Content Development

Communicating our impact, developing our brand voice, and providing relevant and relatable content to our supporters are all critical to our success as an organization. We are looking for individual(s) who can:

  • Become part of our team as our designated storyteller for all that we do. Hear the stories from the girls we benefit, seek out testimonials from the women we inspire and communicate it through our channels.

  • Work with the social media team to develop a content calendar for our blog and newsletter communications.

  • Write the content for our blog and newsletter which may include interviewing people and conducting minor outreach.

  • Turn our impact interviews into captivating and authentic stories that can be used in various market efforts.

Google Adwords/Google Analytics/Facebook Advertising

As we move into new markets and look to re-engage our existing audiences, we need an expert to help us communicate the right messages to the right people. We are looking for someone with a hands-on, entrepreneurial mindset who enjoys the ability to take ownership of the process, produce real results and work effectively on a team. This person would be responsible for:

  • Helping us develop a strategy and target audience for each event and campaign

  • Research and suggest best online advertising/communication strategies

  • Manage the advertising budget and make suggestions for best use spending

  • Make website improvements to maximize SEO

  • Work with our Social Media Manage to grow following, boost traction and evaluate trends.

Graphic Design

With incredible images from our events and our impact programs, our graphic design team helps us communicate our story and mission online, in signage and collateral and through retail. We are looking for someone who can support our Art Director by:

  • Bringing online campaigns and event storylines to life

  • Collaborate on our retail line

  • Help to develop, execute and maintain our brand book guidelines

  • Create and build on our digital partner resources