Allie Putterman

Pro Board 2019 | Director of Sponsorships

Business Development Director

About allie

Born and raised in Chicago and currently living in New York City, Allie has always had a passion for wellness through fitness and trying new exercises across the country. She currently works in Business Development where she engages with brands in a variety of industries to ensure their products and services are successful. Outside of work, Allie can be found kickboxing, spinning, traveling, or cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers.

Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

The most inspiring woman in my life is my mom. She inspires me to be my best every day, and I can only hope that I am half of the woman she is as I continue to grow up! She has built a strong family, has many friends that rely on her often, and has built many successful businesses from following her passions!

Why are you proud to be part of Movemeant Foundation?

Because this organization allows women to be and feel their best! I found that I always feel my best through movement and exercise, and I am excited to be able to share this with women around the world. The opportunities to help young women feel their best is endless, and I am excited about being able to bring the same joy to their lives as movement has brought to mine. In today's world, women are faced with pressure to be skinny or look a specific way that is unrealistic and unattainable. It is important for young women to believe in themselves and find ways to make them feel their best!