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Julie samuels

Pro Board 2019

Blink Fitness
Franchise Development Specialist

About Julie

Growing up, I always loved sports and movement but was never very good. I carried around a few extra pounds that held me back in more ways than one. They weighed on my self-esteem and my confidence for as long as I can remember. As a college junior at Washington University in St. Louis, I was diagnoses with PCOS and embarked on a life-long journey to find balance. Health and fitness became an integral part of my life as I learned that I might face struggles with my body that many of my friends would not. Upon graduating from WashU, I embarked on my new life in NYC with an abundant amount of fitness studios and an abundant amount of seamless options. I was recruited into the Bloomingdale's Executive Buying Development Program - what would seem to be every girl's dream job. I bought furniture and then handbags, but truly spent all day in excel and crunching numbers, dreaming of working in fitness. I always wanted a career that didn't feel like a job, but was simply an extension of my own passions. I left Bloomingdale's after 3+ years, carrying with me a wealth of knowledge and some incredible friends. Now find myself at Blink Fitness. I work on the Franchise Development Team and spend my days finding prospective franchisees to own gyms across the country. I speak to them about the growth of the fitness industry, the details of a franchisor/franchisee relationship, and the ways in which Blink is an amazing investment and helps changes lives and communities. I love what I do and am looking forward to making an impact in the lives of so many girls through my involvement with Movemeant Foundation.

Who is the most inspiring woman you wish you knew?

One of the most inspiring women I wish I knew is Aly Raisman. As a former competitive gymnast myself, I love watching the Olympics gymnasts. I am always mesmerized by their grace, strength and focus. Aly has always been an inspiration to me, especially when she lead the Fab Five to Gold in Rio; however, this year, Aly proved her resilience and maturity outside of the gym. Through the unfortunate events that happened to her and her teammates, Aly has become a voice of strength and courage. Aly is clearly such an incredible woman and has inspired so many girls to take action and make their voices heard. One of the reasons why I am so inspired by Aly and wish I knew her is that she is a 20-something, that likely deals with a lot of the same things that I do. Besides being a gold-medalist and a national symbol for women's rights, she likely is just a girl like me. I think it would be so incredible to sit down and just chat with her. I'd love to hear what she has to say.

Why are you proud to be on the Movemeant team?

I have had my own journey towards finding self-confidence and I am so thrilled and honored to be at a place where I can give back and help inspire other girls. I love the mission of Movemeant Foundation and am so proud to work alongside other women who share similar values and philosophies to make a difference in this crazy world we live in.