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Kelsey Colosimo

Pro Board 2019

Robert Half International

About Kelsey

I am originally from Scranton, PA (yes, like The Office! and yes, the show is pretty spot on!) and I moved to NY about 7 years ago. Growing up, I did everything from play softball to train in ballet, tap and jazz to playing kickball in the backyard with my sisters and clan of cousins. Some things about me outside of my career and being a part of Movemeant: I lead vision and goal coaching sessions and love to take part in personal development workshops, I love Thomas Rhett and Jason Derulo and will tell you how much I love them anytime one of their songs come on and last but not least, I believe Vulnerability is my Superpower!

What gets you moving?

Music! Which leads to movement. My soul's connectivity to music gets me going no matter what time of day-on the dance floor, in a workout, in my car or just sitting at my desk! Music is universal and is something that connects people regardless of different opinions or beliefs.

Who inspires you?

I admire my cousin, Jessica, so much. From the time she was a toddler, she has faced major health issues that have greatly impacted her ability to move with ease and at times, move at all. She is the reason why when my alarm goes off at 5am every morning and I want to hit snooze-I don't. Because she will never be able to go for a run, take a spin class or lift heavy weights I feel a great sense of responsibility to do so as being able to move your body in this way can't be taken for granted! Jess inspires me to move every day and when I don't feel like doing it for me-I do it for her. This is a major reason why I became involved with Movemeant-so I could in turn hopefully inspire girls/women of all ages to shed any insecurity around their physical shape and, as long as they are able, just get moving!