Josie Amendola

Pro Board 2019 | Director of Impact

Relationship Manager

About Josie

Josie grew up in the woods in Connecticut and eventually found her way to Manhattan, where she works in financial services. Her favorite restaurant is Buvette, workout is Barre3, and magazine is Dwell. She prefers matcha over coffee, martinis over manhattans, and Taylor Swift over Beyonce.

Josie Amendola got involved with the Movemeant Professionals Board following We Dare to Bare in New York in 2017. She was so excited to learn more about the impact Movemeant was having and immediately wanted to get involved. In the last year, she’s realized that her true passion in working with the organization is seeing the direct impact our work can have. After spending time with nominees for the #ShePlaysWeWin scholarships, Josie put her name in the hat to head the Impact committee for 2019. With this committee, she hopes to get the Pro Board involved with the scholarships, further develop Movemeant’s programming in schools on the east coast, support the events teams, and generally publicize our impact on young girls around the country.

Who inspires you?

My great grandmother and namesake, Josephine was the most inspiring woman I’ve ever known. She was kind but also feisty and progressive, especially for being born in the 1910s. She moved from Italy when she was a teenager and worked in a pasta factory until she got married. She lived for nearly 20 years after her husband passed. She used to tell me, “if you have your health and your job, you don’t need anything else, just have fun” which I loved! She was all about being an independent woman and enjoying life. She lived to be 103.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the work I’ve done to let go of internal criticisms and start talking to myself with acceptance and love. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.