How to host an event.

In partnership with SHAPE Magazine, Movemeant Foundation invites you to host an exclusive group fitness class of your choice at your Studio/Gym (Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Barre, etc.) so you can sweat it out and join the Body Positivity Movement!  We’ve also provided great promotional items for you to use along the way.  To get started, see our seven easy steps below. 

SHAPE Magazine along with Movemeant Foundation thank you in advance for joining us with the creation of your fundraising SHAPE Body Shop Event.  Your efforts will help us accomplish our goal of transforming the lives of tens of thousands of young women across the country through Health and Fitness Programs. 

Step 1.  Register Your Event.

Please begin by completing the form below.  Once your event is officially registered, a Movemeant Foundation team member will work with you to create  a customized online ticketing and fundraising page to share to your friends, family and community.  Here is a recent example of the type of registration pages provided to you.  

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Event Date *
Event Date

Step 2.  Customized Event Page

No need for you to take on the task of creating an Eventbrite or a MindBody page.  Upon 5 - 7 days of your registration form above, Movemeant Foundation will set up a customized webpage for you to promote your SHAPE Body Shop Event to help drive sign-up and fundraising!   

Step 3.  Invite Your Guests.

Begin to invite your guests by asking them to register for your SHAPE Body Shop Event through the customized registration and fundraising page that you'll be provided with. We suggest that all donations be collected online but they may also be collected in person with proceeds benefitting Movemeant Foundation.  If collected in person, you can make a donation directly to the Movemeant Foundation online for the amount received.      

To gain maximum awareness, we encourage social sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.  All registered events will appear on, plus Movemeant Foundation's Event Calendar with added promotions via their social channels.  Download this Poster and Sign-Up Sheet to help you promote within your Studio/Gym (which includes blank space to write in your own event information.)

Step 4.  Add Some of Meaning. 

Set the tone for a meaningful SHAPE Body Shop Event with your own customized message of why being the boss of your body is important to your Studio/Gym. You can also download digital materials to distribute at your event to remind your guests of why you came together to make a difference through health and fitness:   1. Postcards  2.  Movemeant Foundation Fact Sheet

Step 5.  Put Your Own Spin To It.

A SHAPE Body Shop Event can come in any shape or size: Yoga or Barre classes for groups of 10, a Fun Run for groups of 50, etc.  Make it yours.  

Enhance your event with fun signage and customize your promotions with SHAPE Body Shop assets that can be utilized at your SHAPE Body Shop Event.  Create your own e-blasts, posters, etc. so you can add your own spin with official branding. Download the SHAPE Body Shop Logo, Movemeant Logo,  countercards,  email templates and a photo to share on social.

Step 6.  #Bossofmybody

At your SHAPE Body Shop Event, you'll be crushing a killer workout with tons of special people from your network.  So let's document your support of SHAPE Magazine and Movemeant Foundation by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you and your squad are now officially part of the #BossOfMyBody Movement!  Tag @Shape  and @Movemeant to allow us to celebrate with you.  Movemeant Foundation will also share with their social network the good work that you're doing.

Step 7.  Keep the 'Movemeant' Going

Click here for thank you cards for those that participated and donated to your SHAPE Body Shop Event to keep the conversation going about what it means to create body positivity and to be the boss of your body!