About the Women's Health Education Program (WHEP):

WHEP is a Columbus, OH-based organization that addresses the health and wellness needs of women, from youth to motherhood, empowering them to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle to maximize their quality of life and their positive impact on their family and the community. 

The Movemeant Grant:

With Movemeant, WHEP Ohio has produced a Health and Fitness Summer Workshop that's designed to address the health and wellness needs of low-income young women by empowering them, through a wide variety of educational and fitness programs, to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that maximizes quality of life through education about nutrition and physical activity. 

The Results:

The Summer Camp (August 7, 10 and 11, 2015) was designed to increase the understanding of nutrition, the biological importance of food, and raise awareness on health issues (obesity, diabetes, smoking and more) and social issues (peer pressure, body image, media influence and more), all while creating a fun workout environment to motivate youth to live an active lifestyle.

The post-camp Workshop (November 10, 2015) was a follow-up workshop to touch base with the youth and continue encouraging and inspiring them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also discussed healthy relationships, sexual health and self- confidence in making better decisions in life that impact our health. 

I enjoyed every workout. I actually learned new things about my body. It was really great overall, I only wish there were more people and we could do this more often!