About The Wahine Project:

The mission of this organization is to build communities in which surfing can change the lives of girls who use skills learned in the ocean to overcome everyday challenges, inspired to achieve their fullest healthiest life.

The Movemeant Grant:

Through the Movemeant grant, six underserved girls, ages 7 - 14 from low-income, urban neighborhoods can attend Summer Surf Camp. This includes a full seven days of instruction, a wetsuit, a soft top surfboard, towel and bathing suit, camp gear, hat, sweatshirt, and lunch everyday.  Not only do they learn the art of both surfing and swimming, but they will be given the chance to learn accomplishment and achievements that give them the self-confidence to make better decisions in both their educational life and home life.

I felt like I was speeding super fast. I felt like I was moving at the speed of light. I felt like I could do so much more than just surf.

The Result:

The grant money for the Wahine Project provided access for six socio-economically girls to attend one week of Surf Camp, along with the all the gear necessary including, a wetsuit and a soft top surfboard.  From there, the grant recipients then utilized the gear to continue to enjoy the ocean beyond the confines of camp, creating lifelong habits of movement in the water.  

The Wahines have reported feeling cared for and inspired to continue their pursuits in the sea. They are more confident in their interactions in the ocean and more confident in their relationship with themselves and their bodies.