About #allgirlscanplay and the One World Play Project:

One World Play Project makes, sells and distributes products and services to enable play both in the US and around the world, especially for those living in the harshest environments where play is nearly non-existent. Collaborating with like-minded sponsors, partners, foundations, organizations and individuals, our mission is:  to enable and expand the transformative power of play in all forms--anywhere and everywhere. 

One World Play Project delivers ultra-durable products and services to organizations working with disadvantaged communities where play and sport are used to foster social change. Our vision is to inspire at least 300+ million youth living in disadvantaged communities and turn the world into a field of play in the next 5 years (by 2020).

The Movemeant Grant:

Movemeant Foundation is supporting the #AllGirlsCanPlay (allgirlscanplay.com) Initiative—an advocacy and play initiative centered on helping girls realize their full potential through the power of play – in particular, they provide ultra-durable soccer balls to schools and communities who need them.  Our dollars would mean that we could put 80 balls on the ground in locations across the country, impacting 2,400 girls.