Do it for you. Do it for her.

Be a role model for girls everywhere, and for the little girl who lives inside you.


Get involved

Do it for you. Do it for her. is intended to help you honor your younger self by acknowledging ‘her’ challenges and celebrating your journey to become who you are today. Remember her experiences, acknowledge her feelings and let go of the pain so you can become the role model she needed back then.



Participate in We Dare to Bare

With four We Dare to Bare events happening in 2019, there are several opportunities for you to shed your shirt and the insecurities that you have carried with you for way too long. By participating in We Dare to Bare you have the opportunity to set yourself free and leave your insecurities in the past so you can embrace the fierce you that exists today. By recognizing "her" challenges, we strive to show our younger self appreciation and respect for all that she has overcome to get you to where you are.



Share your story on social Media

Show your love and appreciation for your younger self by sharing a picture of “her” on social media using the hashtags:

#DoItForYou | #DoItForHer

Tell us why you are proud of your journey to find self-confidence and you could win two tickets to We Dare to Bare. Don’t forget to tag us!




Read stories from our community

Starting February 1st, you will hear from various Movemeant community members every week about their experiences growing up and their journey to become the leaders they are today. Learn about their Do it for you. Do it for her. stories and help us create a ripple of support and empowerment to women and allies globally.



support our impact programs

By donating to Movemeant Foundation, you are supporting our impact programs which help adolescent girls learn the skills to embody confidence and develop healthy habits so they can be successful in their future and fierce in their determination.