5 Questions with Julia Samersova:

5 Year We Dare to Bare supporter and Total Badass Babe

This interview with Julia Samersova, participant at Movemeant Foundation’s We Dare to Bare festival, in New York City, was conducted and condensed by Kaleigh Lawson and Stella Frisby.

Julia Samersova is unapologetically herself, and we absolutely love that about her! She is the type of woman who inspires other women to love themselves from head to toe, inside and out, and not feel ashamed for being 100% original and true to who they are. Julia will be attending and fundraising for her fifth We Dare to Bare charity fitness festival that empowers girls and women to build confidence and self-worth through fitness through Movemeant Foundation’s impact programs. On September 29th, We Dare to Bare participants will find Julia and her daughter, Violet, working up a sweat with all of the other babes celebrating both women and bodies in all shapes and sizes.


MF: What would you tell your younger self? What kind of role model do you wish you had when you were younger?

JS: It would be more of a question. 

I would ask myself: Who saw you? Who heard you? Was there anyone with whom you could be totally yourself? Someone who made you think, “I am somebody. They’re happy that I’m here.  I am enough, as I am.” Those are the people you keep close. Fortunately, I had that in the form of my mother and grandmother. Hopefully, my children have it in me! 

Julia and her daughter sweating it out at We Dare to Bare NYC 2018

Julia and her daughter sweating it out at We Dare to Bare NYC 2018

 MF: Why do you think Movemeant's impact programs are important for girls today?

 JS: I think in a world, culture, and society in which we consciously and subconsciously push the agenda of the perfect body, the ideal beauty, the unattainable body weight, and ridiculous norms, it is BEYOND important to have a program like MOVEMEANT to not only challenge those ideals but to also contribute to a NEW conversation and narrative of what it means to be HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL (inside and out!)



MF: What do you hope to see in the upcoming generation of women/female leaders?

 JS: Unapologetic truth.  Bold actions. Breaking gender stereotypes. Loving each other and ourselves. Seeing each other as allies and not enemies. Not breaking the glass ceiling, but mutherf&#*ing shattering the entire concept of it. 


Art by Emilia Schettino

Art by Emilia Schettino


MF: How has fitness impacted your life?

JS: It has transformed me in ways that are immeasurable. It has taught me that comfort zones are bullshit.t has challenged my own idea of how strong I really am. It has given me the space and time to be ALONE and to face my biggest fears. It has helped me tremendously with dealing with depression and anxiety. It has allowed me to meet people I would never have met otherwise. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with my daughter doing something we both love. It gave me the chance to show her who I am, and not just tell her who I am.  Leading by example. The feeling you get after a great workout is the best high in the world!   

MF: What does body positivity mean to you?

 JS: I read this quote once, and I totally agree: 

 "Body positivity is freedom from suffocating societal messages that keep people in a perpetual struggle with their bodies."

I f#&*ing love that! Personally, learning to truly LOVE my body took many, many, many years! It is a work in progress.

I am now in my early 40s and have given birth to three humans. I have never felt stronger or sexier in my entire life!  

Art by @auralewis

Art by @auralewis

MF: What does confidence look like/mean to you?

JS: Confidence is truly knowing yourself. 

Holding a mirror up to yourself and LOVING the person you are and also recognizing the inner work that you still have to do! Knowing we are all just a work in progress and still being able to ENJOY our lives! 


MF: What advice would you give someone who is just entering their fitness/health journey?

JS: Your shit is your shit. 

The only person you need to compete with is your own damn self! Find something you LOVE to do, otherwise you will never stick to it! Find your people, or go at it alone. 

Wake up knowing that not every day is going to be a day that you “feel” like working out, and your brain will come up with a million reasons to stay in bed! PUSH THROUGH THAT SHIT! On the flip side, know when your body needs to rest, and do so without any guilt! 

Art by Subin Yang

Art by Subin Yang