It’s International Women’s Day and we are here to celebrate with YOU,

our tribe of fierce, feminine forces of nature!

On behalf of the Movemeant Foundation, we want to thank all the women out there who fight every day for a more equal world. That means you. Yes, YOU! By being a part of our community and supporting our mission, you are taking steps that move us forward in the fight against bias and towards a world of gender equality. We are in this together!

Let’s choose to honor this special day by recognize the powerful women in our lives who make the world a better place. Let’s choose to celebrate our successes and triumphs that have given us the freedoms we experience every day. And with all of our celebration and recognition, lets not forget to acknowledge where there is room for growth and use this day to rekindle our fire and connection so we can come together to create solutions. Equality and empowerment don’t happen in one day. We must work at these solutions, challenge ourselves to be our best, and support one another - every single day.   

How can we do that? Well, a multitude of ways! One of the easiest and most accessible ways is with that powerful device that lives inside your pocket: our phones, and more specifically our social media accounts! We can use our choices on social media platforms like facebook and instagram to amplify the voices of women, especially ones who personally inspire us to create, change, challenge and grow. Showing your support can be as simple as a double tap, a comment or a follow.

Yep, you see where we are going with this! We are suggesting a good ‘ol fashion Marie Kondo-ing your Instagram feed - to help fill your feed with content that sparks joy, supports your goals and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. And with that, eliminate all that does not spark joy. That weight-loss account making you doubt yourself? Bye, Felicia. That ex-boyfriend’s honeymoon haunting your feed? Adios!

You don’t need that negativity in your life. YOU are in control of what you see on your feed. Why not fill it with stuff that will uplift and inspire you? That’s where we come in. It’s so important to amplify the voices of women, and that’s what we are aiming for this #InternationalWomensDay. We are here to help fill your feed with fierce female who bring the world so much joy. Happy International Women’s Day, from us to you.


This gal is the ultimate QUEEEEEEEEEEN to fill your feed, and yes, we are biased but we are also fiercely passionate about all Jenny puts out in the world. Not only is she the founder of Movemeant, but also Notorious FIT, a program that helps non-dancers become confident in their movement and learn to strut their stuff like Beyonce. Her ambition and drive knows no bounds, and she uses those super powers for good. Her feed showcases her doing what makes her happiest: moving joyfully and helping other women become body-positive, successful entrepreneurs. Her captions are inspiring and provide insight and tips for ED recovery, body love and being active. She’ll definitely inspire you to go out and DO.



This Instagram page is a health foodie’s dream. Rachael is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, using her training to provide followers with amazing recipes, workouts and lifestyle tips. We especially love the variety of foods she features and her killer workouts. We have been watching (and bookmarking) her creative and badass workout routines for years. Luckily for our overflowing bookmark collections, she recently launched her own workout guide called, “Good Sweat” and we definitely already caved and purchased it! Now - we are squatting happily all day, err-day!



Here is a woman who uses movement as part of her online platform. Jessamyn is a fierce yogi and author who has made incredible changes in the yoga industry - changes that help make women of all sizes feel comfortable moving their bodies through yoga (and we are ALL about that!). She is real, unfiltered and authentic. We especially love the yoga sequences she posts; she is always giving us new things to try.



This woman is a powerhouse body positive WARRIOR. Immersed in the fashion industry as a plus-size model.  Dana posts content that encourages women to love their bodies, focus on their inner strengths and fight negative self-talk. She is candid about her own body-love struggles as a former athlete and shares vulnerable stories about her past and present. Swooooooooon!



Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and this Instagram page will have you rolling in laughter. Created by Michelle Elman, this account is a body-focused meme page that makes light of all the BS we, as women, take from society. It offers a witty and comedic look into the thoughts of body-positive women, which TBH - is super necessary and refreshing to keep this body-posi girl going!



If you aren’t following Megan Jayne Crabbe aka BodyPosiPanda on instagram yet, stop everything you are doing. This woman is unapologetically confident, bold and just HERSELF above all else. Her positive and supportive attitude towards her friends, family and community will give you all the feels. And if inspiring and joyful messages don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, her dancing videos will have you smiling ear to ear and wanting to dance around in your underwear too!



It’s no secret, we ADORE Reebok, and not just because of their sweet sneaks. They highlight strong, active women of all body types, races and abilities, including our very own Jenny Gaither. Their feed helps us feel empowered and fierce, and it inspires us to go after our dreams. They also donate 100% of the proceeds from their #BeMoreHuman campaign t-shirts to Movemeant Foundation and the Women’s Strength Coalition! We love a brand that walks the talk. Get your shirt today here!



Katie WIlcox is the mastermind behind this Instagram page. You can see her mission in the bio: “choosing health over body ideals since 2011”. Her feed offers followers countless inspirational quotes, mental health tips and concepts, and sweaty workouts. We also can’t overlook that she is hilarious, driven, outspoken and has the cutest kid eva! We love the bright and airy feel of her page, and we think you will, too.

What are YOUR favorites? Let us know in the comments.