We Dare to Bare Nashviille is officially 2 weeks away and we are excited to introduce you our fourth instructor, Carmen Morgan or you may know her as @mytrainermorgan.

Coming to us all the way from Houston, Texas, Carmen Morgan worked in education as an art teacher for five years before pursuing fitness full time. Her experience as a teacher enabled her to become the fun & respected Personal Trainer she is today. Carmen will be bringing her expansive knowledge and high engery to bring you her infamous BOOTY WERK class! You can expect an intense lower body workout focusing on tightening & lifting those assets! Attendees will be working their 🍑 from all angles and will be left feeling nothing BUTT powerful.

Be sure to sign up at We Dare To Bare in Nashville on November 4th to meet Carmen and take her class.

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This interview with Carmen Morgan, Certified Trainer and Social Media Influencer, was conducted and condensed by Jessi Greenlee.

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Movemeant Foundation: What is the most important life lessons that fitness has taught you?

Carmen Morgan: Fitness has really taught me how to appreciate my body for it’s capabilities rather than aesthetics. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the messages & imagery we’re bombarded with daily & it can really get you down sometimes. Lifting weights, for me, has taught me to appreciate my own strength & stop comparing myself to others. It’s fun & can be life-changing, I want to help all women experience this. It feels damn good!

MF: How do you see fitness/athletics impacting girls and women's confidence long term?

CM: I think fitness & athletics can really do wonders for middle & high school aged girls. As a former teacher, I know how hard it can be for them to focus on anything except their “looks”. They have to hear & see how women are portrayed & valued in our society every single day, which unfortunately, is mostly confusing. Encouraging fitness & sports is a great way to shift the narrative about our female bodies. Representation in the media is vital especially when it comes to women in professional sports.

MF: What is a mantra that keeps your inspired?

CM: Approachable, Accessible, & Affordable has always been my personal mantra when it comes to Fitness. I firmly believe in trying to stick to those as much as possible. Also Creativity! I find it so odd sometimes when Fitness is argued to death into these weird constraints of what’s “best”. No BODY is exactly the same, so do what feels good for YOU!


MF: What can someone expect when they work out with you?

CM: They can expect patience, fun, intensity, & easily digestible cues. I love the challenge of breaking down complicated exercises into smaller, more understandable tricks that ensure success & enjoyment.

MF: What would you say to someone who wants to be active but doesn't believe they fit the fitness "body ideal"?

CM: I would tell them to forget all that “body ideal” nonsense! Regular exercise will absolutely improve your life. It’s good for your brain, mental health, joints, lessens the chance of injury, improves sleep, sex drive, & confidence, just to name a few benefits. Do it for YOU! You deserve ALL that!

MF: What's a long term goal that lights you up?

CM: Honestly, its this kind of work — hands on and mission driven. I have always wanted to get back into the classroom and use what I’ve learned in both teaching & fitness, & hopefully making a difference.