This weekend the Movemeant team packed our bags and headed out to the SHAPE Body Shop event in Los Angeles, California! For the 4th year in a row, we were lucky to be featured as the benefitting charity partner for this inspiring and sweaty event!

SHAPE Body Shop offered over 20 workout class options from some of the biggest names in fitness including Shawn Booth, Jen Weiderstrom, Jason Wimberly, Lacey Stone, Anna Victoria, and our personal favorite, JENNY FREAKING GAITHER! We are biased and we aren’t ashamed.

After mingling with some badass babes at our retail booth and taking more classes than we could count (INCLUDING GOAT YOGA!), we were thrilled to get to meet a serious girl crush of ours, Busy Phillips! She is a serious role model from speaking on important social issues, hosting her own talk-show, writing a book, breaking a sweat daily and being a badass mom to two young daughters. In her interview, she spoke about how she put herself in a box early on that reinforced that fitness was not for her because she wasn’t good at sports and didn’t like PE when she was younger. Since that time, the pressures of acting actually helped her to discover a love and appreciation for movement. She is now dedicated to being a positive role model for her daughters, showing them that strong is beautiful and there is power in movement. SWOOOOON!

All-in-all, it was sweaty blissful day and we left the Hudson Loft with giant smiles on our faces, soreness in our legs, goat footprints on our backs, and flash tattoos everywhere else!