If you're anything like us, you're screaming hallelujah to shedding the heavy sweaters and shopping for sleeveless tops and sundresses instead. But it's not just our wardrobe that's springing to life this season; it's our renewed sense of starting our days off right with a strong morning routine.

Morning routines give us the chance to set the tone for our day, establish our priorities and center our focus on what’s most important.

So, what should your morning routine look like? It depends, for some, an a.m. regimen might mean going on a run or doing yoga, while for others it’s having a cup of coffee and reading the morning news. Here are some of our fave ways to make sure we're not just waking up on the right side of the bed, but starting the whole morning right.

1. Morning Dance Parties

Cameron Diaz Soul Train.jpg

You know that groggy feeling you get just after waking up? Where your eyes feel heavy, almost like you're being lulled into going back to sleep?  That's called sleep inertia. And you need to fight it.  

Our tip? Make like Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angel and get that Soul Train groove going. Put on your favorite beats straight from that iPhone sitting next to your pillow and let the music get you moving. Even one three-minute song is enough to combat sleep inertia (and bonus if you put on Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back--that song is just a little over four minutes).

Don't believe us?  Spotify has partnered up with music psychologist David. M. Greenberg to create an ideal morning playlist, engineered to wake you up easily and happily. Listen here.

2. Zest up Breakfast with Lemons

Splenda Breakfast.png

Life might hand you some lemons, and if it does, go double-duty on ’em. 

First, and this one sounds easy, drink a glass of room temperature lemon water with a little bit of added peel. It’s the ultimate early morning no-brainer that lends itself to everything from cleansing and detoxifying benefits to immunity-boosting and body-alkalizing rewards. Yes, it's so easy.

And while you're drinking that lemon water, it's time to get cooking. Swap out that avocado toast with a light and bright lemon and fig baked oatmeal cup that's as tasty as it is convenient and easy to make. Full of rolled oats that are high in fiber and protein, mixed with crunchy notes from chopped nuts, and a touch of natural sweetness from SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener, you'll feel satiated and satisfied all morning long.

Get the recipe here



3. Supercharge Your Morning Coffee

Rise and grind? More like rise and grounds. Coffee grounds that is. And while we won't ever replace our morning cup of Joe, we're all about making our morning cup of coffee be the ultimate multitasker with the inclusion of our new favorite superfood, maca powder.

Ground from the maca plant of Peru’s Andes Mountains, maca powder provides a smooth energy boost without stressing the adrenals, along with a host of other benefits like effectively regulating hormonal health, mitigating PMS symptoms, powering up moods, and enhancing mental cognition. Its flavor is mild, with hints of vanilla and butterscotch; and heat doesn't alter its effectiveness, making it a great addition to your morning coffee.

4. HIIT It, Don't Quit It

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We're fitness lovers over here, so we're all about getting a great workout in before we head into work. Maybe that's the inner Anna Wintour in us, whom is known for starting each and every day with an hour of tennis. 

But we're only human and sometimes getting ourselves to the gym—or even out of the house—at the crack of dawn can feel like a one-way ticket to struggle city. So on those days, we're breaking a sweat with some at-home workouts, all from the palm of our hands.

Our favorite appis the 7M Workout by Fast Builder Limited - Try it for free and get well-timed animations of 12-14 movements that'll kick start your morning.



Feel powered up to get your morning routine going strong? Test out a few of our ideas; then adjust your routine based on your lifestyle and your personal goals. Need a little time for a guided meditation or journaling?  Or maybe a morning mantra?  Bake it in and develop a personal morning routine that sets you up with the positive momentum you need to crush the day.


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