As we count down the days until WDTB Nashviille is here, we’re excited to introduce you to some of the rockstar fitness instructors who will be a huge part of making the event special!

Meet Allee Beatty, senior instructor and studio manager at Verticity Cycling in Nashville, one of our amazing WDTB studio partners, and host of our chill station, a space to decompress, stretch, and chill out during the event. Allee is a bold, embodied, and empowered woman who shares her views with us on the connection between inner and outer strength!

Be sure to sign up to chill out with Allee’s team in their “chill station” at We Dare To Bare in Nashville on November 4th, and follow along with her and Verticity Cycling on Instagram! @alleebeatty and @verticitycycling

Want to support Allee, her team and Movemeant all at the same time? Donate to the Verticity Team fundraising page and help them become the #1 fundraising team! All funds raised will go towards Movemeant’s body-positive impact programs!

Movemeant Foundation: How has fitness impacted your the way you feel about yourself?

Allee Beatty: Fitness—for me, yoga and indoor cycling—has been a hammer to destroy the chains of the optical illusion… meaning, my fitness journey has taken me out of my eyes and into my energy.  How I feel before, during, and after a workout is exceedingly more important than how I look. It’s the mind-body connection fostered on a mat or on a bike that makes you realize you are powerful beyond measure, limitless beyond expectation, and boundless beyond the boundaries that have been laid for you.  It’s an unlocking of your personal power, not an earning. It was there all along.


MF: How did fitness come into your life?

AB: I’m a former ultra-competitive tri-sport athlete with an insatiable desire to win.  I started my fitness journey at first in college as a softball player, but only truly tapped into the nature of ‘fitness’ or the act of becoming ‘fit’ after my first yoga teacher training.  It was monolithic in my life narrative. A removing of a veil between my body and my highest self. Realizing the questions, the wanting, the desire, the needs… the answers to everything was already in my blood and bones.  I just needed to learn to look inward, not outward.


MF: What would you say to someone who wants to be active but doesn't believe they fit the fitness "body ideal"?

AB: An ideal is just that—it lives in your head.  Live in your body, notice how you feel, and the power you have to affect that.  An ideal is a magnet to which we’re all drawn at first, but it doesn’t serve us to crowd on the pedestal, even if we’re capable of getting there.  Instead, best to be your own anchor, your own gravity, your own ideal. There’s more than enough room for you at the top of the throne you build yourself.  And from there, we’ll all wave at each other, raising other women up to their heights, too.


MF: If you could say anything to your 13 year old self, what would it be?

AB: You are loved.  You are learning to fall in love with the greatest and most worthy person, deserving of your unconditional and abundant love… yourself.

MF: What kind of music gets your heart pounding?

AB: Well, you can find out by checking out my Spotify profile!