We're teaming up with SHAPE to celebrate our bodies in its complex, powerful, beautiful and badass form, and the amazing things they can do.

Our inspiring ambassadors—our #movemeanttribe—have donned on their favorite sports bras and work out attire to support the message of loving our bods, but that's just the beginning. Tell us: Why do you love your shape?

Emily Hochman, @ebhochs

“@movemeantfound We believe that every woman should feel healthy, strong, and confident. That no one else gets to define how you view you. #movemeanttribe #meanttomove #yogaeverydamnday”




Alexis Samter, @bluejaye89

“Excited to be a part of @movemeantfound’s #movemeanttribe as we embark on an exciting partnership with @shape_magazine. To kick things off, #lovemyshape because it’s an outward symbol of who I am…My strength is embodied in my shape, as is much of my journey. My shape has supported me along the way, has allowed me to see that I could be(come) an athlete, and is part of what makes me ME! 

Justine Ma, @byjustinema

As a swimmer and yogi, I #lovemyshape because I feel balanced when I flow from warrior 3 into handstand…strong when I push myself towards a 1600m swim…confident when I make choices for my body that make me feel good inside and out. See all the cool chicks featured here: shape.com/bodylovegallery and movemeantfoundation.com”



Erin Henke, @ehenk

“I #lovemyshape for all the times my body was there for me when I wasn’t there for myself. My length used to make me shy, as if I wanted to be more subtle in my presence. I love when strangers at the food market ask me for my assistance. I love that I can extend myself that much more to people. Stand out for everything you are. Join us in celebration of our unique bodies.”


Erica Stenz, @ericastenz

“Check out my story in shape_magazine today! They asked me “why do you love your shape?” I love my body because I feel STRONG. Rather than seeing flaws in my body, I see my curves as the equal parts that make me feminine and healthy. I appreciate my muscles because they allow me to function in my everyday life without pain and to move smoothly and powerfully in my job as a trainer @barrysbootcamp. I also hope to empower other women to embrace strength training rather than being afraid of “bulking up” by building muscle and feeling confident in themselves. Thank you @movemeantfound for choosing me to be your ambassador and for empowering women nationwide #bodylove #bodypositivity #lovemyshape #meanttomove #warrior 

Jackelyn Ho, @jackelynho

“Excited to be partnered with @movemeantfound and @shape_magazine for this super cool project on why I #lovemyshape! Yay!! “I love the shape of my body because it reminds me that I am human. This machine of mine lets me run when I need a break, knock out pull-ups when I need to feel lifted, and breathe when I need to rest. It’s the most dynamic machine I know and to call it my own is simply quite epic.” See all the cool chicks featured here: shape.com/bodylovegallery” 

Jamie Rosenfeld, @jamie_rose

 I #lovemyshape because it’s strong and healthy after being through kidney diseases, broken bones and more, and most of all that it’s my own. Share with us why YOU love your shape! #movemeant #meanttomove #movemeantambassador #movemeanttribe” 


Leah Life, @leahklife

“I #lovemyshape because I feel powerful, like nothing anybody says or does can stop me. Why do you love your shape? Post a photo and join the #movemeanttribe in celebrating the powerful, beautiful, badass bodies that we all have! #meanttomove #movemeant” 

Jessica Bradshaw, @loveyoumoretoo

“I #lovemyshape because it is so much stronger than I ever imagined. Join us in celebrating, kick butt bodies that we have – take a photo and join our tribe!”


Katherine Naugle, @poosekat

“I #lovemyshape because my curves tell a story – from my youth, to my teenage years, the crazy young adult period where I was trying to figure ish out, then my colorful (and stress induced calorie filled) working professional days and now life as a mother. These curves reflect my journey through life and how health & wellness are now important parts of this journey. I don’t judge myself on how skinny or fat I am, rather how strong or healthy I feel at any moment. I love my shape because it shows strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and confidence – all tools that equip me to be the best mother I can be.” 

Chandler Hatchett, @thehisfor

“I #lovemyshape because my body has, through the grace of God, housed, nourished and birthed the most precious baby boy. Nowadays, my tummy doesn’t fold right, my belly button sticks out weird and my skin is stretched, but all of those things remind me of how amazing pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood are. I don’t care how much weight I can lift…The strongest I’ve ever been, the toughest I’ve ever been and the proudest of myself and my body I’ve ever been is summarized in this photo. I #daretobare now because I’m stronger and more beautiful because of it. I’m so excited to be part of @movemeantfound’s #movemeanttribe as we embark on an exciting partnership with @shape_magazine and a campaign to shift the cultural dialogue we have around body image.”