Meet Lindsey Dal Porto, a downright physical challenge conqueress who shows that being strong is being beautiful.  Lindsey's been an athlete since childhood—first a competitive swimmer and water polo player than a triathlete, cheerleader and dancer. As an adult, she maintains her competitive edge with Ironmans, Tough Mudders and more.  

Through all this?  She's discovered that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive.  You can be a beast on the field and a beauty everywhere else.  See what Lindsey has to say about what it takes to be a strong woman.

What are your thoughts around the stigma that still exists on strong, powerful women in our culture today?

Being an intense athlete who has a lot of muscles, is really strong, and can out-perform a lot of men, I find myself still wavering between being really proud of this and letting it bring out insecurities in me around being a "girl" and femininity.

But my community at GoRuck—which is a series of team-based endurance events that are like a day-in-the-life of army boot camp—has shown me to LOVE my strength, to be proud of who I am, and to embrace that I look like an athlete.  I am learning to not let the judgments or opinions of others stop me from being my best self. 

What I have ultimately gained from my experiences is that women should be insanely proud of their strength, of their desire to get out there and try hard things, and to be okay succeeding in them even if it means we look a little more muscular than the average girl.  You can have muscles and still be beautiful, because muscles are beautiful.

If you could give one piece of advice to young women about physical fitness, what would it be?

Pushing limits at a GoRucks event

Pushing limits at a GoRucks event

To find an activity, an event, or a sport that sparks that intrinsic motivation within. I am in love with trying things that are bigger than life and myself, that push me to my absolute limits, but I know that isn't for everyone, so to find something that fits YOU is the key.

What or who inspires you to move your body everyday?

I am constantly inspired by the people around me, and I do that on purpose. They say you are a by-product of the top 5 people you spend your time with, and the people I interact with the most are people I choose to keep there for a reason.

I also get easily excited by new challenges, and my community of people are always providing new and exciting things for me to get excited about! I am very competitive, so succeeding and winning is something I am inspired by. I have had a lot of luck and success in my athletic endeavors, and that success really keeps the fire burning for me.