Movemeant Foundation Champions Body Positivity for Women; Launches “Revolution” Campaign

Movemeant Foundation Premieres New Short Video Celebrating #BellyJelly


SAN FRANCISCO - November 17, 2016 – Committed to helping women feel powerful in their own skin, Movemeant Foundation enables women and young girls to find self-confidence, self-esteem and positive body image. Encouraging women of all ages to embrace their ‘belly jelly,’ the Foundation provides body image and self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences while promoting fitness and physical movement as the gateway to body positivity.

"There has never been a better time to shift the dialogue that women are having around their bodies," says Jenny Gaither, Founder of Movemeant Foundation. “Embracing our ‘belly jelly’ and celebrating that women are physically strong despite a little jiggle, is a powerful statement and, one we hope will inspire women and girls across the country."

Launching its latest movement, the Foundation is premiering “Revolution,” a new short video that challenges the status quo and encourages women to be radically honest about their bodies. The video is part of the Movemeant Foundation’s effort to bring high impact, body-positivity curriculum to public schools throughout the country.

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About Movemeant Foundation

Movemeant Foundation is the leading non-profit organization that empowers women and girls by providing body-positive, self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences where fitness and physical movement is the gateway to her feeling successful across all life disciplines. In recent years, body image issues have been increasingly pervasive among middle and high school students nationwide. Compounded by physical inactivity and obesity problems, Movemeant Foundation addresses these critical issues with curriculum in underserved public schools, landmark events in major US markets and digital resources.

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