Jackelyn Ho: Hailing all the way from San Francisco, this legend in the fitness space will be kicking your body into overdrive.

Classes:  Cardio-Kickboxing at 11 am and Abs + A$$ at 1:45 pm

Why I ‘Dare to Bare’:  We only have this one body. It stays with us our whole life and it is the first thing people see. It doesn't matter specifically what you look like, but rather, how you carry yourself. Knowing this, I've come to the conclusion that if I am the one living my life and have to endure the successes and consequences of my decisions, then I actively decide that I want to be happy with the decisions I make. If I want to wear a sports bra because it makes me feel empowered and free, then I am going to do it. I don't care what the person next to me thinks about mid-section. They are wasting their time caring. Instead, I am spending my time feeling happy, confident, and alive. Regardless of what I look like, I know I am carrying myself proudly. At the end of the day, that is what matters.

Claire Gould:  This co-founder of Friendspire Fitness will take you to the straps, teaching you an approachable way to do a TRX workout that was originally created by Navy SEALs.  

Classes:  TRX at 11 am, 12:30 pm and 1:45 pm

Why I ‘Dare to Bare’:   To show that you can push passed negative self talk & reconnect with your body. End the disconnection & know that our body, mind & spirit are all connected. 

Samantha Mostaccio:  She's an internationally-acclaimed Zumba instructor who believes in supporting women through movement and music. 

Classes:  Zumba at 11:45 am.

Why I’m ‘meant to move’:  Moving is a gift that we can share with the universe. I am lucky/grateful that I can express myself through music and movement. It is what I born to do. My dream is to be able to share artistry and compassion through these rhythms to become the best human being I can be as well as inspiring/changing/growing/motivating/and learning from everyone around me.

Samantha Scaffidi:  She's a versatile fitness instructor (who also teaches at SoulCyle!) will rock your world.

Classes:  All-Levels Bootcamp at 12:30 pm

Why I 'dare to bare'’:  I believe that strength is beautiful; the strength to do things that scare us, the strength to keep going when it's easier to quit and the strength to know that YOU are worth believing in.

Lee Hubilla: Get the whole family moving with this highly-recognized triple threat—actress, dancer, choreographer.

Classes:  All-Ages Dance Cardio class at 2:30 pm

Why I’m ‘meant to move’: Every body is meant to move! Everyone communicates through their body as well as language. People can in understand my movements even when they can't understand what I'm saying. It's a base of communication that can connect with people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. I hope to show that through my work!