Meet Natalie Mazzetta, former collegiate athlete turned founder of Better Stronger Tougher, who followed her dream to pursue a career in fitness and how Movemeant Foundation gave her the courage to bare it all.

Tell us about yourself and how you got started in fitness.

I was a competitive swimmer all my life and through college. After school I turned to distance running to fill that need for competition and activity. I ran five marathons and two half marathons but even with that I was wanting fitness to play an even bigger role in my life.

What's happened since then?

I suffered a brain injury after a bike accident so I was unable to walk for several months. I just wanted things to go back to normal, to return to my life as an athlete, I didn't want it to break me.  

And exactly one year to the date of this accident, I ran the 2014 Boston Marathaon and crossed the finish line twelve seconds faster than I had ran it in 2012. I knew that my experience with having to teach myself that kind of mental strength was something that I could share with others and something that others need.

And you heard about Movemeant Foundation?

Yes!  I learned of the Movemeant Foundation through my good friend, Lindsay Life (she's in some of the pictures on the website!) I then read about Jenny's story. I could relate so closely as both a woman and an indoor cycling instructor and I quickly became enamored with everything the Movemeant Foundation is and stands for.

How did you develop your website and brand Better, Stronger, Tougher? Great name, by the way! 

Thank you! Let's see, I was working for Lululemon and teaching spin classes on the side at this time, but was inspired by what Jenny had created and started to entertain the idea of leaving my steady career to do something that I was truly passionate about.

Flash forward a few months I couldn't wait to start something of my own after seeing the catalyst Movemeant has been on so many women and I had left my job to purse a career in fitness and was in the beginning stages of developing my website Better Stronger Tougher (BST).

When I started BST, I set some goals for myself and the brand. A large goal on this list was to become a Movemeant Foundation ambassador and promote the Movemeant’s ideals of empowerment and positive body image to Boston and the BST community. 

What has been one of the biggest benchmarks in your career so far?
Dare to Bare holds a special place in my heart because after years of feeling like I would never have the courage to be one of those instructors who teaches in just her sports bra, I taught my first indoor cycling class sans shirt and it was one of the most monumental and powerful experiences for me in my life and in my career as a fitness professional.

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