Our August challenges are in full swing with some exciting moves being made this summer.  From  healthy home cooking to a daily practice of gratitude, our driven ambassadors are on a mission to get people moving.  Check them out on our Ambassadors Page and follow them on social media.  Take their challenges and inspire some serious change!

Lindy Gault, Transform Fitness Studio, Chicago:  We're going makeup free this month in our "Dare to Bare - Makeup Free" Challenge.  Head to your next workout proudly baring a makeup-free face and encourage each other to embrace all our natural beauty!  #makeupfreeandbeautiful

Karen Chuang, Dancer, Los Angeles:  Our morning rituals set the stage for the type of day we're going to have.  So this month, I'm focusing on my morning regimen, making sure that I include five minutes of stretching to keep my body pliable and strong.  

Samantha Mostaccio, Zumba, Chicago:  This month, embrace who you are and your special gift when you move to music!  Dance and trust that it's the music that moves you.

Jenna Stevens, Founder of ProjectDrop, San Francisco:  This month is a busy one with lots of travel and it's going to fly by, so my challenge is to keep a journal of one thing each day I am grateful for. Taking the time to acknowledge gratitude allows me to see the abundance that surrounds me instead of focusing on what I lack. I'm starting it off with gratitude for my amazingly supportive friends and family, the peace I feel in nature, and sweet hanging hammock beds.

Erica Stenz, VP at Barry's Bootcamp, San Francisco:  Team up at your next workout!  This month, I'm teaming up with Tommy Stracke to co-teach a Dare to Bare fundraiser class where we'll workout in our sports bras while crushing treadmill runs and strength training moves!  Check us out!

Emily Hope Turner, SoulCycle, NYC:  This month's challenge is about getting down and dirty in the kitchen. I challenge you to make at least 1 meal a week at home this month.  Share your recipes and a pic of your creations by tagging #EMTeats #daretobare #meanttomove. Why this challenge?  I've been active and healthy my whole life, but when things really started changing (for the better with my health) is when I began paying attention to what went into my mouth and taught myself how to cook whole, real food. Do I do it every day?  Nope. Is it always perfectly healthy? Duh, no way. But am I committed to it? You betcha!