Check out Movemeant’s latest grant recipient, One World Play Project and their bold initiative, #allgirlscanplay, as we're teaming up to empower girls through play, to help them reach their full potential and become next generation leaders.  Then visit their website and see what Movemeant Founder/CEO Jenny Gaither has to say about the power of play.

Organization Name:  One World Play Project

Tell us about One World Play Project and its current initiatives:

Throughout the past five years, as we’ve distributed more than 1.4 million ultra-durable One World Futbols to organizations working with youth around the world, we’ve been inspired by the individuals we’ve met and the stories we’ve heard. Stories of how play has helped youth overcome disabilities, find escape after a natural disaster, discover strength and hope in the face of violence and build friendships and community after a conflict. And we’ve seen first-hand the expressions of the pure, simple joy play brings to youth and adults in any situation—a feeling they never want to end.

What is the All Girls Play initiative launched by the One World Play Project?

In May, we launched All Girls Can Play, an advocacy and play initiative focused on raising awareness about the discrimination challenges faced by girls and meeting those challenges through the power of play. Through the initiative, we’re hearing stories on the power of play in a new way.

How is the All Girls Can Play advocacy having a new impact on the communities you serve?

Typically, we hear stories from our team, our partners and others, but this time around, the stories are coming from the girls and women who are benefitting from play. Their words are unguarded, mighty and thoughtful:

“I do not have a problem playing with boys because it makes me strong and increases my speed and skills on the pitch. People ask why I decided to play soccer as a girl. I always say to them that I love challenges and I think what boys can do girls can also do.”– Karolyn, Liberia, 17

 “I have seen my future in football. I want to show people what I can achieve by playing football.” –Payal, India, 17

What is the biggest change in these women through play?

We see how play is transforming their lives. These girls discover their strengths and raise their self-esteem, gaining valuable life skills and lessons, adjusting to new homes and situations and challenge parents, communities and traditions that say girls should not play. Play allows these girls to speak up and dream.

Join Movemeant and One World Play Project in making sure all girls can play at All Girls Can Play beneficiaries include Women Win and BAWSI.