We’ve hand-selected over 30 inspirational leaders from across the country to help us defy what’s possible when it comes to getting people moving.  Each month, these ambassadors host Dare to Bare challenges all across the country. Check them out on our Ambassadors Page, then follow the ones on social media that resonate with you the best.  

Niki Koubourlis, Founder of Bold Betties, Denver, CO:   Bold Betties had an awesome time at our first Dare to Bare challenge for Movemeant Foundation, getting back to our dancing roots! It's amazing how beautiful you can feel when you stop caring what you look like, and equally amazing how quickly the negative self talk and feelings creep back up. Our next challenge:  Burlesque dancing on July 24th!  Follow me on social and email me to join!

Jenna Stevens, Founder of Project Drop, San Francisco, CA:  My challenge for this month as a Dare to Bare ambassador is to meditate for 10 minutes a day. Making the time to manifest self acceptance is one of the most important and powerful things you can do for yourself. If we are what we think, why not think positive, empowering thoughts?! It's contagious! Who's joining me? Grab your coffee, get to the roof, and disconnect from your busy thoughts (Headspace is a great app to start with for newbies!)

Allie Fell, SoulCycle Instructor, Washington DC:  Clearly I was very good at yoga when I was 3 so this month I've decided to get back into it. Twice a week making time to take a yoga class and do something good for myself!  So grab your toes and join me!!

Naomi Priestley, The Sweat Shoppe, Los Angeles, CA:  My call-to-action this month is to tell yourself something nice, everyday. Before you think or say something negative about yourself, consciously try to replace that negative thought/image with a positive one. Try to imagine you were talking to your child (a child).  You can only say loving, positive things to yourself . No self hatred, only love. Remember, you are beautiful now!

Jenny Gaither, Founder/CEO of Movemeant and Senior SoulCycle Instructor, San Francisco, CA:  My challenge for the month of July is to meditate for 10 minutes a day (with a goal to get to 20) AND to stretch for 20 minutes, four days a week (yoga here I come). Join me! If you've never mediated before, no worries!! I am also a beginner 😉. Download the app Headspace and start today. "What consumes your mind, controls your life."

Mai Lyn, Founder of Deep Fried Fit, Dallas, TX:    There are so many challenges out there that for my July challenge, I invited everyone to pick a challenge and kick ass. Whether it's a 30 day lunge/plank/abs/squat challenge, 3 day juice cleanse, a studio-hosted challenge or something as simple as cutting out sugar, this could be a fun one. I'm personally doing a 24 day advocare nutrition challenge. Hope you'll join me. Good luck everyone!

Sierra Lawe, Outdoor Adventurer and Creator of Peak Bagging Chick, Los Angeles, CA:   This month I'm going back to my roots and returning to dance. I'll be attending a weekly dance class at Athletic Garage Dance Center. I'm excited and nervous since its been a loooong time since I last set foot on a dance floor and I'm bound to be extremely rusty. I'm always pushing myself outside and I think it's time I do something new and different.  Here's my call to action: get out and try something that scares you or makes you uncomfortable! Push yourself and see where you go.

Lisa Boccuzzi, SoulCycle Instructor, Washington DC:  I'm challenging myself to get outside and move! Whether it's diving into an ocean or going for a run around your city, let's get out of the studio and into the world!

Lindy Gault, Fitness Instructor and Owner of Transform Fitness, Champaign, IL:  Practice giving the gift of fitness. Try something new and get your friends to do it with you!  As incentive, bring a new person to attend a Transform Fitness class and they can attend as a free guest!


For even more  Dare to Bare challenges, check out our Ambassadors page, find an ambassador that speaks to you and follow them on social media!