We’ve hand-selected over 30 inspirational leaders from across the country to help us defy what’s possible when it comes to getting people moving.  Starting right now, these ambassadors are hosting Dare to Bare challenges all across the country. Check them out on our Ambassadors Page, then follow the ones on social media that resonate with you the best.  Take their challenges and practice your bravery. Every day.

Then help us make change by encouraging your friends to move with you and spread our message through your social channels by tagging us @movemeantfound and using  #daretobare and #meanttomove.

Chris Layda, SoulCycle, Los Angeles:  I’ve always felt that people fall into 2 categories, those who take selfies and those who don’t. I fall into the latter group. Mostly this is because I don’t consider myself to be particularly attractive. Working in the fitness industry, this is something that I battle almost everyday. For my June challenge I’m going to take my own advice. I believe that the perception we have of ourselves is malleable. Confidence and pride have to come from the inside out. Each Saturday, I will post one unfiltered selfie with the hope that, with time and practice, I’ll be comfortable looking at the image of myself. This is, after all, the face I wear every day.

Bianca Valenti, Big Wave Surfer, San Francisco:  Hard work never gets easy...challenging situations don't offer knowledge gained until reflection has occurred.  So my challenge this month is to put myself in uncomfortable situations everyday and reflect upon and embrace the learning process in doing so. 

Allie Fell, SoulCycle, Washington DC:  This month I have challenged myself to try something new. Once a week I have been taking an Elevate Interval Fitness class to really push myself out of my comfort zone. Whether you join me at Elevate this week or go for a run, I challenge you to push your boundaries and get moving.

Karen S. Chuang, Dancer, Los Angeles:  I challenge all you ladies to embrace your beautiful bodies and to dare to bare it in a sports bra in a new physical activity each week.  

Niki Koubourlis, Outdoor Adventurer, Denver: For those who don't know, I used to love hip hop dancing and in 92/93 some of my best memories were with my crew, 3D!  So June's Dare to Bare challenge is going to be a shirtless hip hop dance class, appropriate for total beginners! 

Naomi Priestley, Sweat Shoppe, Los Angeles: Grab your friends, post your pictures in a sports bra and hashtag #daretobare #meanttomove on all your social media outlets. Take a group class, walk, go to the gym , pick the healthy option for dinner. Find your endorphin high become the strong and fierce women you already are... but the real challenge. Tell us. Share it with your community.  Because sharing your moves will inspire others to do the same.

Julie Erickson, Barre Boston, Boston:  My challenge is to ask all my fitness lovers to share the gift of fitness as a volunteer! Seek out that group of senior citizens that could benefit from a weekly chair yoga class, offer a new mommy class for tired moms that need to get out of the house, start a new running group! 

Sierra Lawe, Outdoor Adventurer, Los Angeles:  My challenge for June is to attend at least 1 spin class each week sans tshirt. It's all about the sports bra this month. For me, before there were trails, peak bagging, rock climbing, backpacking, there was spin. It was spin that made me fall in love with fitness and taking care of myself. 

Mai Lyn, Fitness Blogger, Dallas:  My June challenge is to try a new fitness class. That's the easy part.  The harder part is getting other people, my friends, family and community, to try something new too.

Sheila Kim, Kickboxer/MMA, Seattle:  This month my challenge is for you to join me at a special Seattle "Dare to Bare" kickboxing event on Saturday, June 20th. Let's punch, kick, elbow on the bags and uncover our best selves.  Join us!  

Lisa Boccuzzi, SoulCycle, Washington DC:   My June  Challenge -- to get out of my SoulCycle comfort zone and move my body in different ways! 

Jenna Stevens, Group Fitness, San Francisco:   This month, my challenge is to do yoga in a sports bra once a week. If I can get my 83 year old grandma and my 3 year old nephew (kinda) doing yoga with me on the beach, this should be no problem.