I have always been a mover. Literally, since birth… I'm not sure I ever stopped moving. 

I was a dancer, competitive gymnast and cheered for my high school and all-star teams. I went to cheerleading and tumbling straight from school and stayed until team practice was over that night. I cheered in college, worked for a cheerleading and dance company and coached gymnastics. To say I love rhythmic movement is an understatement!

As many former dancers and gymnasts could tell you… it becomes tough when you no longer have that outlet. There is a strange transition in to adult life without no more access to this form of movement.

I found myself bored in most everything I tried. I was used to extensive choreography, intricate movement and pushing harder and further than I ever thought possible. Now… I was just standing in a gym waiting to use a machine and unable to find a class challenging enough to keep my focus.

I couldn’t take it. It consumed my thoughts. I had to pause and take a good look at what my subliminal mind was telling me I truly wanted.

I realized I didn’t want to just enjoy living a healthy life… I wanted to help others do the same. So I dove head first in to fitness as a lifestyle. I got my Pilates and personal training certifications and started teaching. Through it I discovered so many incredible new modalities that challenged my mind and body in a new way. I could also create my own style of class that was unique with the boundless energy and intense focus I missed so much. Many certifications later followed but I had channeled my energy in to making a change in how I viewed my situation.

I have now tried more crazy, intense, fun workouts and been introduced to so many amazing people through the fitness community. Everyone bringing something incredible and different to the table all while truly loving what they do. Through it all I learned it’s really about getting out of your comfort zone to discover new things you didn’t even know interested you. It’s a change in mindset to allow yourself to discover, play and truly just enjoy it all!