Starting Tuesday, December 1, Movemeant and MoveWith are making serious strides for #GivingTuesday.  On this global day of giving back to communities, we’re giving three emerging organizations the chance to empower young women on the basketball court, on the slopes and at their college campus.  

Here's a sneak peek of the three heroic organizations we're featuring. Then stay tuned for your chance to join us in making a difference!  Plus, donate starting December 1 and MoveWith, a digital platform that makes it easy to connect with inspiring fitness teachers, will match your fundraising efforts up to 10% of the total fundraising goal.

San Diego Intensity - On the court play leads to off the court success

Movemeant Foundation is joining forces with the San Diego based, up-and-coming youth girls' basketball club, SD Intensity. Together, we're raising funds to teach girls from various ethnic and economic backgrounds the necessary life skills to become healthy, confident, and successful women through sports education.

This upcoming season, your gift will kickstart the development of an all-new basketball team under the SD Intensity program, changing the lives of up to 20 additional minority girls in the San Diego area. They'll be offered mentorship through coaching, will learn resiliency through play and build community through team comraderie.  

SD Intensity's is a volunteer-based organization that's committed to teaching the fundamentals of basketball, all while developing each player to achieve their full human potential. SD Intensity's goal is to give our players the necessary tools to play at a higher level, both on and off the court.

Duchess Ride - Showing young women that what really matters is how we rise up after we fall

Movemeant Foundation is teaming up with the emerging 501c3, Duchess Ride, to give young women with diverse socio-economic background the chance to both figuratively and literally learn how to rise after they fall through the sport of snowboarding.  

We're raising funds to kickstart their inaugural Winter 2016 youth development snowboarding program which utilizes mentorship and participation in board sports to cultivate three progress-oriented attributes:  creativity, community and tenacity.  This naturally builds the mental, emotional and structural foundation that fosters progress in all aspects of life. 

The 6-week program offers team-building workshops in a nurturing classroom-like setting, but is juxtaposed with dynamic, real-world experiences on the slopes.  This innovative curriculum teaches strength and purpose through sports and play.

Suzuki Lab at NYU - Cutting-edge research studies the influence of exercise on the brain

Movemeant Foundation is teaming up with the highly-acclaimed Suzuki Labs at New York University to pioneer research that seeks to find the optimal exercise “prescription” that maximally improves mood, memory attention and creativity.  Working with undergraduate students from NYU, the goal is to find an exercise regime that optimizes academic performance in college-age students and help to understand the mechanisms by which exercise influences brain function.  

Help launch this semester-long pilot study, building one of the first studies of its kind with one of the country's leading neuroscientists. Together, we can take a data-driven approach to changing how students view and particpate in fitness and physical activity.