Movemeant is proud to be represented in Reebok’s #BEMOREHUMAN campaign. Our founder, Jenny Gaither and 9 other inspirational women represent strong females who uniquely transform the world around them. With the goal to empower and break down barriers, each woman is a role model and embodies all that Movemeant values: strength, confidence, leadership, fearlessness, passion and a drive for change.

To learn more about Jenny's experience working with Reebok on this campaign, read her blog here.


At Movemeant Foundation, we provide body-positive, self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences where fitness and physical movement is the gateway to feeling powerful in the skin you're in.

We create opportunities where success through sports and fitness leads to success in academics, teamwork and community. We help develop healthy habits that further a girl's physiccal and emotional wellbeing for the rest of her life.


#ShePlaysWeWin Scholarship Program

Through our #ShePlaysWeWin scholarship program, Movemeant awards grants to a variety of young female athletes, from economically-disadvantaged communities with high incidences of health-risk behaviors to up-and-coming all-stars who require additional resources for mental, physical and emotional coaching. The goal is to uncover, support and document the powerful journey of girls as they take charge of their bodies through sport and fitness, sometimes for the very first time. In 2018 we are hoping to grant 100 scholarships to 100 girls around the world. We are proud to recognize some of our Summer 2018 grant recipients:


Movemeant's hand-on impact channel facilitates smart, body-positive content for middle school girls and fosters discoverability of the many ways our bodies can move.

With a focus on the most formative years of a girl's life—middle school— our curriculum addresses the critical need for emotional, social and physical development for girls, with topics ranging from social media’s impact on beauty ideals to body diversity and genetics.

Discussions occur in a casual environment, with an overlay of creative, contemporary physical programming, such as hip hop dance, cheer dance, yoga, zumba—even kickboxing.  

Our curriculum results in greater self-confidence, the birth of teamwork and community, and a cultural shift of dialogue around beauty ideals.   


#WeDaretoBare is a national movement that asks women and girls the important questions:

What if we DARE to overcome the insecurities we have about our bodies?
What if we instead chose to BARE our vulnerabilities in an effort to conquer them?
Could we reveal the most powerful version of ourselves? 

'We Dare To Bare' began as a charity fitness event where women 'dared' themselves to embrace a positive body image.  But today, 'We Dare To Bare' has grown to represents more than our fears surrounding our appearance: it is a community, a tribe, a movement to help us overcome any and all of our insecurities.

Movemeant Foundation is the proud beneficiary of 'We Dare To Bare' events, programs and partnerships.


Upcoming We Dare to Bare Events

Champaign, IL - September 9, 2018
New York City, NY - September 30, 2018