Bea Dizon

Pro Board 2019

Everyday Health Group
Manager, Sales Analytics


About bea

As Sales Analytics Manager at Everyday Health, one of the leading sources for health and wellness digital content, Bea enables and empowers the Sales Organization by identifying internal and external trends from sales data and formulating and communicating insights. She brings a strong background in data analytics and finance in the digital media and financial services industries. Outside of the office, you can find her either at a fitness studio, traveling or doing freelance work for The Infatuation.

Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

My mom - she came to the US after college and showed determination and strength in making a name for herself in a new country but also staying true to who she is. As the oldest of 9 children, she continues to show selflessness in helping provide for her family. Her strength and resilience is extremely inspiring, especially when life threw our family a curveball and she was diagnosed with cancer twice (she's now 9 years in remission)!

When do you feel your most powerful?

When I am healthy (mentally & physically) and when I accept that everything that happens in life is a learning experience.